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Inside this workshop we will review the 12 core projects needed to scale any business... and create a customized plan that's right for you.

Thursday, October 18th 11:00 AM EST 8:00 AM PST

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A note from Heather:

Are you looking to scale your business?  

I remember my husband looking at me one night and saying “Babe, I miss you”.  

What do you mean you miss me?” I replied. “I’m sitting right next do you.”  

Yeah, but you’re ALWAYS on your laptop”  


He was right. Building my coaching business at that time had meant a lot of long days, hard work, and every day I kept going because I knew that if I were to slow down that my business would fall right out from under me.  

The truth is, I loved working with my clients. I loved coaching. I loved training. I loved the reward of seeing them succeed.  

But I was headed straight for burnout and the thought of that terrified me.  

To actually take some time to explore my other passions and interests seemed silly because I had to remain focused on the business. I bought into the idea that my life and business SHOULD be one in the same...  

The truth is, I wanted my business to allow me the freedom to explore other passions and interests. I wanted it to allow me more time with my family. I wanted to be free of the shackles of a 9-5 job…  

... and instead I had created a job more demanding than any job I’d ever worked. I was working on weekends. Skipping lunches. And my boss was a real tough cookie!  

I continued to hustle and grind until one day tragedy struck and my dog and husband were attacked by another dog on their nightly walk. Our sweet bichon Molly needed round-the-clock care for over 2 months to recover and my husband Kyle had his hand torn apart in the act of prying Molly from the other dog’s grips.  

All of a sudden I couldn’t work those long days anymore. My family needed me.  

I no longer had the time to work ON my business -- to do the marketing, to do the admin, to do the bookkeeping, and the sales -- because I had to spend what little time I could muster serving the clients who were paying me.  

Had any one of those clients left during that time it could have meant disaster. We may not have been able to swing the vet bills that eventually saved little Molly’s life.  

I remember the stress of that period, praying that my clients would continue to stay with me when I wasn’t exactly at my sharpest mentally. I remember the guilt I felt knowing that I wasn’t showing up as strongly as I normally would for them.  

And I remember the crashing realization that everything about the way I had set up my business needed to change so that I could spend time with my family without bearing the same risk I had hung my hat on for the entirety of my business.  

In doing this deep work on my business I’ve learned some really powerful lessons:  

I had been under the assumption that I needed to be able to find “unicorn” team members who would be better than I was at every task inside my business. And I knew that would be expensive -- something I had set aside for “future Heather” to deal with when the business was bigger.  

The truth was that hanging our businesses on these unicorn team members would be just as risky as hanging all revenue on just a few clients. What happens if they leave? What happens if they had a bad day?  

I needed to create a frictionless business that could run without me, but I couldn’t replace myself with irreplaceable people, either. I also learned that if I wanted to scale that I needed to find a way to stop trading time for money (whether it was 1:1 or in groups) and figure out a way to get clients the same results or better WITHOUT needing to spend all that time with them.  

I knew this wasn’t going to be courses because the clients I worked with didn’t all need the exact same thing in the same order over time. I needed to do better for them.  

And another powerful lesson that I learned was the importance of leveraged selling and lead generation. I’ve been in sales all my life so I understood the value of building that skill set, but selling to one or two people at a time wouldn’t serve the type of business that I knew I needed to build. I had to find a way to duplicate my sales process.  

There are just SO many lessons, realizations, and systems that led me to the leveraged business I’ve created today…  

And over the last few years we’ve helped dozens of coaches scale their business using this simple process that doesn’t involve hacking funnels or massive ad budgets.  

The cool thing is that if you follow this process you will be able to remove yourself as the bottleneck of your business and finally allow it to scale to the level that you KNOW your work is meant to.  

But rather than continuing to ramble along in this post, let me tell you what I’m doing real quick.  

I’m going to be taking a small group of people through this scaling process personally. We’ve set up a workshop to help them build their plan and set up the entire system for themselves. And at the end of this 90-minute workshop, they will have a scalable business model plan that’s individual to them and will help them build a thriving, fulfilling, and fun business. 

We’ll be meeting on Thursday at 11am Eastern and, during the workshop, I’ll be personally taking you through the pieces of the Leveraged Business Model and how it applies to you.  

At the end of the workshop you’ll have a solid plan that you can leave with and set the whole thing up by yourself if you want to.  

Or, if you want my personal help setting it up in your business, I’ll invite you to a separate chat where we can talk about that. No pitch on the workshop, but if you want to hear more I’ll give you the opportunity to do so, fair enough?  

The only thing I ask is that if you reserve a spot that you commit to showing up. This is a workshop, not a webinar. Which means we will be doing work together and there won’t be a replay.  

It also means that we have a genuinely limited number of spots available so that everyone will have their turn to do the work.  

Take a second here to save your seat and I’ll see you on Thursday at 11am Eastern!