When No One is Paying Attention…

No one is paying attention anymore.

Ten years ago, email open rates were 80%+.  Now you’re doing great if 1/3 of the people on your list open and read your email.

Facebook ad costs have gone up 112% over the last year.

So what does this mean?  

First, even when someone gives you permission to market to them, it doesn’t mean they’ll even read it.  We are bombarded with SO many messages each and every day that our emails, social media posts, and marketing efforts easily get lost in the mix.

Secondly, this means that it’s a lot more expensive to acquire a lead into direct response funnels than ever before.

This is a new problem that’s emerging and it hits entrepreneurs like you the hardest — the ones who are looking to grow and scale your businesses online.  The ones who don’t have the capital to pay exponentially more to acquire a customer than anyone else in your space.

Just a year or two ago, you could put an ad for a lead magnet out into the world and it would convert like gangbusters. You’d get cheap leads.  Follow-up to sell to those leads. Wash, rinse, repeat and get super rich.

But now every second ad you see is for someone else’s lead magnet.  It’s not nearly effective as it once was. And, because larger brands are tossing money into these strategies, the cost per lead is crazy high.

So it’s harder to get attention, harder to keep attention, and more expensive to market.

Sucks, right?

But here’s the bright shining light — big brands and top players in your space have blind spots.  They can be slow to adapt and change. They’re going to keep doing things until they’re forced to change.

What this means is that we have a big opportunity to sneak into a newer and fresher way of marketing in order to gain attention.  We have the ability to adapt and change quickly to a fast-paced world.

The music industry is a good example.  I recently came across a case study of a musician who went from just a couple thousand fans on Facebook to having nearly 30,000 fans and selling out shows even though he had never toured before.

How did he do it?

Well, traditionally the music industry signs hundreds of talents each year and wait for one to hit.  One to resonate and stick with a mass amount of people. Then the label throws their money and marketing behind that person and cut ties with all of the other talents they signed.

So, what did this musician do?

He simply posted an informal introduction.

Think about that this way:  what do you say when you introduce yourself to a stranger?

You tell them your name and a little bit about yourself, right?

That’s what an informal introduction is. Something that tells your prospects a little about you and how you can help.

In the musician’s case, it was a song.  He put the song out via an ad for free to download.

Then, he retargeted those who listened to 50% or more with an offer to attend a show.

He didn’t make anything off the song, but he scored lifelong fans and was able to fill shows without getting signed.

In the online space, we have the ability to informally introduce ourselves to potential clients in a variety of creative ways.

But, always keep in mind that the light should be focused on the person you want to attract.

What problem can you help them solve? What quick win can you provide them before pitching your offer?

Reply to this post with your informal introduction and I’ll help you craft a message that will help you create more meaningful relationships with prospects.   

With love,

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