When No One is Buying Your Amazing Offer

You’ve been set up to fail from the beginning and you don’t even know it…

You’ve spent days, weeks, even months perfecting your offer. You’ve poured your heart and soul into it. Creating it felt like birthing a child — hard labour and a ton of love for the outcome.

Then, you go to sell it, and… well… nothing happens.

You fall flat on your face.

It doesn’t feel good, does it?

You’re exhausted. You’re frustrated that no one sees what you see. You feel like a failure when other people’s lame offers are outselling yours. Self doubt starts to creep in and you start to question why you even bothered getting into business for yourself.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone.  

I can’t begin to tell you the number of times I’ve seen people who have so been blinded by their incredible ideas or offers that they’ve created that they can’t take a step back and objectively evaluate it’s viability in the marketplace.

In my experience, the inability to get traction on your offer generally comes down to one of three problems:

1, You created something that no one wants.  Boom. Tough to hear, right? We often create something for the root of a problem, but what people are seeking is a solution to the surface of the problem that they see every day. For example, say you wanted to sell to successful and busy business owners and you created a product that helped them learn how to generate more leads… is that actually what a successful business owner wants?  To do more work and generate more leads? Or do they want to hand off lead generation to someone else who will do the work for them?

2. You created something that solves no problem at all.  You might have created an “improvement offer” that’s just there to better something — rather than to SOLVE something that’s keeping them up at night. Sure, your program might help me get more leads, but if I don’t know how to close them, your program doesn’t really solve my problem.

3. Your messaging doesn’t speak to your ideal clients.  When we create an offer, we usually think about what it’s going to do for people and how we’re going to package it up and deliver it.  But, we rarely think about the messaging. Here’s why messaging is important all the way through the selling process:

Beginning: Messaging is what draws people in to get on a call with you or visit your sales page and check you out.

Middle: When you’re working with a client, their experience is often mirrored via your messaging.  If you let them know they’ll feel some pain in a certain stage before they do, it positions you as an expert they can trust.  If it comes as a surprise that they’ll have to work hard, then they’ll become disillusioned and will bow out.

End: How you message after delivery is important to generating referrals. We often sit back and wait for people to recommend us which ends up in some referrals dripping in, but by focusing on our messaging to past clients we can really make referrals a consistent piece of our client acquisition strategy.

So tell me, are people just dumb for not wanting your offer?  Or is there something you could fix that would make it more appealing?

With love,

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