So, what exactly is “Uncovering Sales Mastery”?

Uncovering Sales Mastery is a two day luxury intensive designed to help you sell more of your high-ticket offer with so much love and respect for your potential clients.  During our two days together, you will work powerfully on both your mindset and your skillset around sales and selling and walk away empowered with a high-conversion sales script and feeling clear, powerful, and worthy to receive.
Because this experience is hands-on, there are only 14 spaces available.  Tickets are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis… sorry no exceptions or extra seats will be added.

What makes this retreat different?

Mindset and Skillset

Focuses on both the deep inner work and skillset necessary so that you will be fully ready to receive and deliver upon your high-ticket offer.

conscious awareness

Clear the energy and understand what holds you back from playing full out so that you can magnetically attract your ideal clients.

selling with love

Nobody likes to receive (or deliver) a high-pressure sales pitch.  The selling system that you’ll create generates crazy high close rates… yet feels like a warm hug.

uncovering sales mastery:
the details

We have been programmed with lies that tell us that we are supposed to sacrifice our personal and financial freedom in order to be “good people”.  Yet, if we aren’t able to secure our own oxygen masks and step into our full beautiful power then our clients suffer, our business suffers, and our freedom suffers. Does suffering make you good? Or does serving with a full balance and strength make it so?
It’s time for your wake up call.  You are worthy.  You are love.  You can spread that love with the world and be rewarded with abundance without the guilt, shame, or lack of clarity.
This 2-Day retreat is designed as a workshop so that by the end of our time together you will walk away with your full selling scripts and be armed with the skillset and readiness to go out into the world and present your gifts.  You will walk away empowered with full willingness to receive abundance.

On the first morning we will work on setting you up to make the sale.  Many of us have blocks to receiving, so Dov and Nicole will work to clear those blocks and clear blocks to making sales.  Heather will walk through how to make sure you get on the phone with only the right people so that you spend your selling time wisely and also why the first 5-minutes of a sales call is so incredibly crucial to get right.

You’ll join us for a beautiful lunch at one of our favourite Las Vegas restaurants where you will have the chance to mastermind with Dov, Nicole, Heather and Kyle.

In the afternoon, we will help you to create clear intentions and connect deeply with your prospect.  Then you’ll learn the skill of intervention — which will exponentially improve your closing rate in the most loving way possible.

During our morning on day 2, we dive into the deep, yet necessary, inner work of self worth and moving past your fear of presenting yourself.  Then we will create your pitch using scientifically proven selling principles so that you’ll be ready to share your offer with the world.

Join us for lunch and masterminding at another beautiful favourite eatery.

Then back to the suite to complete our work and process.  In the afternoon we will take you through how you can stop selling from a place of need or fear, feeling grateful to let go those who aren’t for you.  You will practice that skill as you develop your objection handling framework and develop your selling scripts.

Throughout your experience we will also take you through clearings and groundings so that you will walk away feeling uplifted, energized, and fully ready to implement.

We carefully selected the location based on the energy of the space – Las Vegas is a town where sales and hustle are aligned beautifully with the art of alignment to true self.

Instead of a stuffy event space, we chose to limit availability to powerfully serve a small group of people.  Environment is important when it comes to growth and our suite at Vdara is reflective of the peaceful escape necessary to dive deeply within and develop the skillset necessary for you to walk away with the powerful results you came for.

Although we chose a quiet, non-casino hotel for this deep work, it’s not lost on us that Vegas is for shopping, fun, and luxury.  That is why we chose a space right in the heart of the action at City Center.  Here, you’ll find the most luxurious hotel group on the strip, boutique restaurants, the cleanest and most relaxing spas, and luxury shopping to make your escape the very best it can be.

You may choose to stay on site at the Vdara Hotel & Spa, or to stay at any of the other Las Vegas hotels.  With convenient rideshare and taxi access and dead-center location, the event space is accessible and easy to access no matter how you craft your experience.

Admit it, you’re a V.I.fuckingP.  And you aren’t afraid to admit it *hair flip*.

For those who are a little bit “extra” and who want to really dive in, the VIP Experience has been crafted to give you more access, more luxury, and more woo.

VIP’s are invited to join us at our Welcome party in a poolside cabana with private “dip pool” the evening before the event.  Enjoy cocktails and masterminding with your hosts and fellow VIPs.

This is your opportunity to build powerful relationships and add to your support network.

VIP’s will also receive a spa pass to ESPA — a perfect 5-star luxury spa on-site.

Heather is the founder of Homefront Marketing and a high-ticket sales expert. Before committing herself full-time to entrepreneurship, Heather worked as a CMO at a multi-national clothing brand and led the top sales team for Canada’s largest digital marketing agency (serving clients like Walmart Canada, 3M, and Allstate). After achieving the entrepreneurial dream of having Homefront bought out, Heather spends her time working solely one-on-one and in small groups with clients who want to find more high value prospects and close more sales.

Dov and Nicole are a transformational power couple who’s connection, collective experiences, traumas, addictions, near death experiences and losses led them to the activation of unparalleled gifts meant to help us meet goals, desires and experiences we didn’t know were fully possible. They since left their respective business and legal careers to dedicate their lives to helping others remember their true selves and unleash their pure potential. While you can’t truly name the gifts Dov and Nicole offer, they can be described as high level energy healers, consciousness mentors, channels and non-traditional psychics, motivational speakers to name a few.

Mostly, Dov and Nicole posses a unique capacity to clear the root causes of seemingly unbreakable cycles and patterns that plague you and keep you stuck in addiction, painful relationships and lack of abundance, joy and meaning. Through this work, clients experience immediate shifts in record time, including the activation of a deep knowing of your value, the old falling away gracefully and the life you were meant truly meant for finally shining forth. Their souls are here to express a state of divine power and loving presence, to help others transform their lives, relationships, business, communities and planet through their being.


THE event location

Our event will be held in a luxury 1,600 square foot suite at the Vdara right in the heart of the Las Vegas strip.  This is a boutique-only non-casino hotel which allows a tranquil getaway with convenient access to the finest luxuries and hot spots in Vegas.

YOUR accommodation

A casino-free, smoke-free spa resort on the Strip, Vdara brings a relaxing, unique take on Las Vegas vacations. Located in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, the Vdara Hotel & Spa brings the best in relaxation to the go-getters in the city with its intimate, luxurious ESPA Spa. Enjoy 5-star luxury service with the amenities suited to relaxing in the middle of the bustling desert.

THE cabana (vip)

Surrounded by cutting-edge design, private retreats and cabanas with semi-secluded plunge pools, Pool & Lounge Vdara offers blissful escape.

Our VIP’s will enjoy a private poolside cabana party complete with poolside WIFI access, media center, cocktails, and masterminding.

THE Spa (vip)

Recently awarded the prestigious Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star rating, ESPA at Vdara is a truly luxurious escape.

Those who upgrade to the VIP experience will receive one spa pass to the on-site spa during a time of their choice.  Use this to enjoy access to the tubs, hot beds, sauna, steam shower, and luxury shower and bath products.


It’s important that you understand the value of Uncovering Sales Mastery from top to bottom.  This is the honest value of what’s included based on what you would pay separately outside of this inclusive event.
Uncovering Sales Mastery value
Based on the breakdown of value, what you get with your Uncovering Sales Mastery ticket would cost this much if purchased separately.
Uncovering Sales Mastery cost

This is what you’ll pay for your Uncovering Sales Mastery live event standard ticket.  2-Pay option available until May 16th.

Uncovering Sales Mastery cost (VIP)
This is what you’ll pay for your Uncovering Sales Mastery live event VIP ticket.  That’s a savings of  $9,050

Breakdown of WHAT’S INCLUDED

Nearly 2 months worth of energy and mindset work packed into two days:  $3,000 value if purchased separately

Your complete selling script and objection handling system:  $5,000 value if purchased separately

Masterminding with Dov, Nicole, and Heather (lunch in one of our favorite Vegas restaurants included both days):  $2,500 value if purchased separately

VIP Cocktail party with masterminding and the opportunity to receive 1-to-1 mentorship:  $1,500 value if purchased separately (VIP tickets only)

Spa Pass that will enable you to fully relax, rewind, and allow your mind to unhook from the stresses of everyday to fully receive and process what you’ve learned over our time together:  $50 value if purchased separately (VIP tickets only)

The opportunity to meet and build relationships with other entrepreneurs who value the growth of themselves and their business as much as you do:  priceless

Get Your Ticket Now

June 16-17, 2018

2-pay option available on standard experience only until May 16th.

Refund Policy:  Please note that all ticket purchases are non-refundable due to the very limited number of seats at this event.  There will be no exceptions for any reason.  You may, however, transfer or sell your ticket to someone else for an equal or lesser value than what you paid.  Under no circumstances should tickets be sold for more than face value.

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