The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Working With Kyle

My husband Kyle was NOT happy…

He’d come home after working at his mind-numbing corporate job and was a shell of his former self.

While he had the title, job security, and a “dream job” in his field, his ideas weren’t being heard. His skills weren’t being utilized effectively. And watching the movie Office Space with him wasn’t funny anymore because it had become his everyday life (<– the REAL tragedy!)

It began to take a toll on our relationship. How could it not, right?

Meanwhile, my business had taken off to the point where I needed to hire someone full-time. So, why not him?

It definitely took some convincing, as his perception of “work” was pushing paper at a desk for 40 hours a week.

But, he summoned the courage to walk away from corporate (hopefully for good!) back in June and started on his journey with me!

It seems to be a badge of honour online when women are like “I retired my husband!”.  Eff that… I’m not looking to retire anyone. But it’s nice to have been able to get him out of a job he hated and home spending our days together building something incredible.

While it’s been an amazing experience thus far, it hasn’t been without its challenges and I thought it would be fun to pull back the veil and share everything with you.

The Good:

  • We can travel as much as we want to. No more waiting for him to get approval from his boss’ boss to take time off. Next year we have 9 vacations booked already
  • We schedule our work around our lives — instead of scheduling our lives around our work. Our marriage is the number one priority, even if that means taking a few days to recharge and explore some local breweries together with our phones turned off.
  • Kyle finally understands just how hard I’ve worked to build my businesses. I think he thought that all I did was play around on Facebook all day long…
  • The dogs get WAY more snuggles and he keeps them from barking while I’m on calls (which can be a full time job some days!)
  • We have come to appreciate each other’s strengths and honour each other’s weaknesses. His strengths offset my weaknesses and vice versa. Ying and Yang!
  • He brings different perspectives into our business, especially having a more technical and analytical background, and makes me think of things in a different way. I’m all about high-level ideas and vision, he’s about detail and execution (sometimes annoyingly so!)
  • Tax benefits — splitting the income brings us into a much lower tax bracket = more money for vacations and gin!

The Bad:

  • There’s added pressure when you have a not-so-stellar month.  After we were hacked it was really tough.  I’m matching Kyle’s old salary each month, and when we lost our entire list and entire following, it meant a few months of dipped revenue.
  • It’s tough to separate between “work communication” and “family communication”.  We’ve definitely spoken to each other as spouses when we should have been speaking like business partners. It took a few months to figure that out, but setting aside meeting times specifically for business has helped.
  • He started thinking about the business as much as I do!  Dinner conversation often slides from “What do you want to do tonight?” to “How’s client so-and-so doing with project XYZ?” So now we both don’t shut off well 🙂

The Ugly:

  • In the beginning, I tried to fit Kyle into what I thought the business needed, rather than playing off his strengths. It left both of us really frustrated — he struggled because it wasn’t something that was in his wheelhouse and I got frustrated feeling like I had to do everything.  We figured out how to divide the work differently so that now we are both doing the things we’re best at.

Do you work with your spouse? If so, what sorts of ups and downs have you experienced together? What are some tips you can provide for making it a successful partnership? Comment below! We’d love to hear your thoughts!

With love,

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