The Contrary Case for Leverage

Most people look at a group program/leveraged offer as beneficial for themselves.  You can serve more people at once. Make more money. Free up your time to travel the world and live like the big players in your niche.

But we tend to think that 1:1 is what our clients want and will pay us more for. I mean, it makes sense, doesn’t it? Clients will pay a premium to have full access and have that personalized attention.

I was on a call with a client last week and she mentioned that she was spending a lot of her 1:1 time with clients doing resistance and mindset work.  She’s not a mindset worker. Her clients knew what to do, but came to the calls with the excuses of why they didn’t do their work.

While the client may believe they want that 1:1 personal touch, moving to a group model may actually be MORE beneficial for them. Here’s why:

1, In a group you either move with the herd or get left behind.  Rich Litvin sent a brilliant email a few weeks ago about how the coaching relationship is a 200% relationship — the coach needs to bring 100% and the client also needs to bring 100%.

I reckon this shows up in many other industries as well… Think about fitness — a personal trainer can only do so much if the client doesn’t push themselves at the gym and watch what they eat at home.  A Realtor can only find the dream house if the budget matches up. You likely are bringing 100% to your side of the relationship… but the group model makes them more likely to bring THEIR 100% as well… meaning they’re more likely to get the results they’re after.

2. 3 layers of accountability:  The first layer of accountability is personal (to their own goal).  The second is to you. But when you work in a group it adds a 3rd layer of accountability to other people.  This is really powerful.  It’s easy to let themselves down.  It’s a bit harder to let you down. But it’s REALLY hard to let down a group of peers.

3. The 4-minute mile.  For non-runners out there, this feat was first achieved in 1954 by Roger Bannister.  Before that, no one believed it could be done. There’s something about seeing someone do it that breaks our belief that we can’t do it ourselves.  In groups, your clients will see others winning and be motivated, inspired, and encouraged that they can do the things they otherwise told themselves they couldn’t.

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