The Art of Avoiding Ghosting

You’ve spent an hour on the phone with a prospect crushing your sales call.

You said all the right things, handled all the objections, but still got a “Well, I need to think about it. Can we chat next week?”

Okay, totally understandable. You stacked SO many benefits onto your offer that they’re going to call you right back and say “YES!”


Nope. *crickets*

They don’t show up to your follow-up meeting. They don’t respond to your messages. It’s as if they’ve vanished into thin air.

Guess what? You’ve been ghosted.

“Was it something I said? Does my offer suck?” Insert any multitude of self-defeating questions that keep you lying awake at night.

Sure, maybe this lost sale was on you, but have you put yourself in the prospect’s shoes? Maybe there was a legitimate reason that they weren’t ready to buy from you, be it time, money, family, etc., and they just don’t want to say “No” yet.

For example, my husband Kyle is what I refer to as a ‘Collector’ that takes an extraordinary amount of time to weigh all options to make decisions. Does that mean he doesn’t want your product or service? No. But it takes him a VERY long time to make up his mind, especially on big ticket items.

Everyone’s decision making process is different, and there are a few things you can do to keep “ghosted” prospects warm to you so that when they’re ready, they’ll feel comfortable enough to give you a “Yes!”:

1. Shoot them a message saying something like “Hey. Totally okay if you’re not ready right now.  I’m not here to pressure you to say yes — my job is simply to lead you to a yes or a no decision.  We left it at a maybe… So what I’d love to do is invite you into my free group where I post a ton of free value and content.  Then, when you’re ready, we can chat again. Is that something you’re open to?”

Asking “Is that something you’re open to” is non-threatening and will, more often than not, make your ghost reappear because you’ve taken the danger of a buying decision out of the hands.

2. Every 30-60 days just send a “Hey.. how is your [goal] coming along?”. This shows them you care and you actually listened on the sales call. It’s an easy question to elicit a response from, and while you may not get an immediate reply, when they do it means they’re ready or soon to be ready again.

3. If you still haven’t heard back, don’t write them off.  Often we will write someone off like “they can’t afford it” or “they wasted my time”. Just because someone wasn’t ready, doesn’t mean they’re not a right fit. I’ve had clients call me out of the blue a year after our call and give me the thumbs up without hesitation.

So, next time you’ve been ghosted, just know that all hope is not lost on your prospect. It probably has nothing to do with you.

Give these strategies a try and keep the dialogue open.

With love,

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