The 7 Pillars of Client Creation

Consider the 7 Pillars the foundation that holds up your business.  If any one of these pillars are weak, your business will sag in the middle or lean to one side.  In order to scale your business and consistently create clients, it’s critical that your foundation is strong.  Utilizing this framework will allow you to create highly effective sales & marketing strategies that fit your business personality.

MESSAGING – Does your messaging speak to your ideal client?  Are you using their words?  Do they even care about what you offer?  Are you connecting with them logically, emotionally, and physically?

– There are 2 elements of Attraction:  traffic and attention.  First, you need to get eyes on your business.  Then, you need to keep their attention and open their ears to what you have to say.  Without enough traffic, no one will know your business exists.  And, no matter how much traffic you have, if you can’t get and keep their attention in this information-heavy world, you’ll never convert.

– This is all about how you structure your messaging.  You now know the words to say and you have the traffic and attention, but equally important is how you present what you have to say.

– This should be the simplest piece of the puzzle, yet it’s the one that most business owners struggle with because most people begin marketing here.  When you skip the first three pillars, lead generation will be an uphill battle.  You’ll pay more for leads, see lower quality conversions, and you won’t truly connect with your audience unless your messaging, attraction, and E.D.I.E. strategies are strong.

– Once you have a lead, it’s important to match that lead with an appropriate product that’s suitable to the individual needs of the person inquiring.  You may only have one product, but does that product cover a multitude of benefits that can speak to different people in different ways?  Does the commitment level, price point, and value make sense?  Do products offered align with the messaging throughout your sales funnel so far?

– Does your business have the systems and ability to convert leads into customers effectively and without undue pressure?

 – Once you attain a client, do you have frameworks in place to keep this client buying from you month after month, year after year?  It’s 60% less expensive to sell to a current client than it is to a new client.

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