Sold Out Nitro Cold Brew and Kicking Cats

Her worst fears had come true… staring back at her screen was a message that read “You should stop what you’re doing.  It isn’t cool.”

She wanted to be seen as a leader in her space.  She knew that what she had could help people, yet there was always that voice in the back of her head saying “If you do this, they’ll know you’re a fraud.  They’ll sense you’re just in it for the money.”

She thought that she was finally onto something that would help her create strong, predictable leads.  Hell, she had even booked a handful of appointments with her new strategy!

But seeing that message popping up on the screen stopped her in her tracks and gave validation to all of the whispers in her head telling her she wasn’t good enough.  Or that people would hate her if she put her offer out there.

I think we ALL fear that others will view our self promotion as being pushy.  Or they might make assumptions that you have bad intentions.

The truth is that these things WILL happen.

People will tell you that you’re doing it all wrong.  They’ll question your intentions. They may even chew you out…

Have you ever heard the story about kicking the cat?  The story above was my client’s and, when I was walking her through some mindset work she said “Oh!  That’s like the story about kicking the cat!

I don’t like to think about kicking cats so I’ll tell it a bit different.

Imagine you woke up one morning and everything was off from the start.  Your alarm didn’t go off and you’re late for work.

You run into your first meeting feeling flustered and unprepared and blow a big meeting with a potential new client.

You think “coffee… that’ll make it better”.  So you head out to your favourite coffee shop and they’re out of nitro cold brew.  You’ll have to begrudgingly settle for iced coffee. *sigh*

On your way back home, someone isn’t watching where they’re going and bumps your car at a stoplight leaving a nice scratch.

Today sucks.  And when you finally get back home, you walk in the door and see your husband home early.  He’s enjoying a nice cold beer and looks relaxed and comfortable…

And you can’t help but feel overwhelmingly annoyed.

He asks you how your day is and you lash out.

Why?  Probably because we want to feel as relaxed and carefree as he looks!  Why is it we had such a terrible horrible day and he gets to be all chill?

Was it his fault we had a shit day?

Nope.  But we take it out on him anyways.

Just like it’s not YOUR fault you’ve triggered an emotional response when going about with your job and trying to converse with potential clients.

You weren’t trying to hurt them or manipulate them into buying from you… you were only trying to help them.

Them lashing out was a reflection of their circumstance and experience — not a reflection of the job you’re doing.

So the next time you’re confronted with the fear of someone judging you, know that they probably are going to.  But that it has nothing to do with you.

Get on with your bad self, block them, forgive them (because they’ve probably had a bad experience that’s caused them to be a jerkwad) and move on.

With love,

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