Social Media Mastery for Personal Brands

Can you be a profitable brand without thousands of social media followers? In this video I’m going to outline five tips to master social media if you want to grow your personal brand and make some money.

Building any brand can be really, really hard, right? But building a personal brand can feel even more difficult. Now maybe you’re building a personal brand because you want to do brand deals, and you want to be a social media influencer, or maybe you’re building a personal brand because you have a really, really, really, really big message that you want to share with the world, and for that you need a really, really, really big audience. Or maybe you’re multi passionate, so you want to build a brand that is supportive of all those many facets that you have. So in this video I’m going to show you some tips on how to stand out when it seems that everybody else is all trying to build a personal brand just like you are, and it’s really, really, really noisy in here. So let’s dive right in, shall we?

So step number one is to focus on true fans, not followers. Now, what is the definition? What do I mean when I say a true fan? Well a true fan is somebody who will do anything that you say. If you are like“Hey, I am launching this product, you should go buy it,” they’ll be like “Okay.” They wouldn’t even question. They are somebody who is loyal to the core. They are just so excited, because they recognize how much value you are bringing them in their life, and they are like the first people, whenever you post video, they’re like “Oh my gosh, first commenter. I’m so excited to be here,” and if you were to host meet up, they would be there. If you were to launch a product, they would be the first in line to buy it. That is what a true fan is.

And so, most people focus in on their follower count, and the follower count is great, but it’s kind of vanity metric, right? You can make a ton of money just by having 100 true fans. Heck, you can make ton of money just by having 10 true fans that buy everything that you do if you have a high ticket product.And so focus in on serving the small community that you do have. Don’t worry about the number of followers that you have, because if you don’t focus in on those true fans, you’re going to lose them, and they’re going to be the people who are going to make you money when you give them the value.

Tip number two is to allow people to connect with you outside of just what you sell. If you’re always talking about what you sell, then if people don’t need that thing in the moment, they’re not going to follow you. They’re not going to pay attention, they’re not going to see much value in your posts, and so therefore when they are ready, they’re going to go to the person who is in front of them at that moment, which is not going to give you that true fan relationship.

And so I want you to think about what are four or five things you would be comfortable sharing with complete stranger if you were sitting beside them on an airplane? If you were sitting beside someone onan airplane, would you be comfortable telling them about your love for dogs? Would you be comfortable telling them about your obsession for interior design, right? Pick a few things and infuse those into thevalue that you are bringing. And so as you are giving people that value and sharing with people those tips and the tricks, and showing them just how much you know, also infuse some stories, infuse some of your personality, infuse three, four, five things over and over and over again that people just know that you love.

So for example, I love gin. I’m obsessed with gin. We make our own gin at home, you know? That’s something that I sometimes will share on my Instagram story. I shared a really great gin martini recipe with one of the best gins that I have ever had, and mixing it with a really, really good vermouth, and kind of showing how we make that up. Yes, it has nothing to do with my business and my sales and marketing training, but what happened was, a whole bunch of people, they were like “Oh my gosh, I’m going to try this.” It gives people a reason to follow me in between those business posts so that when they do need what I’m selling, I’m there. I’m that person who’s there, who they’ve been following along with, because it’s entertaining, because they’re getting something of value outside of just what I’m selling.

Not that’s not to say that we want to have just a whole bunch of personal stuff either. You want to mix it ina bit strategically. So let’s just say you are talking about your business, maybe 80% of the time. Maybe another 20% of the time you want to put in a little bit of your own personality. Or when you are building out a business post, tell a story that really resonates with somebody on a more deeper personal level. And when I say deeper, I just mean that it’s not business. This doesn’t mean that you have to be telling something super, super deep, or getting super vulnerable all the time, although those things are really, really good, if you can get vulnerable every once in a while.However, it can be as simple as “I’m obsessed with gin and interior design.” So allow people to connect with you outside of what you sell, and that way when they’re ready for what you sell, you’re going to be that person that they’re paying attention to.

So if you’re like “Oh my gosh, I don’t know where I’m going to find those ideal true fans, and I don’t really know how I can interweave all these things in and speak to it in a really eloquent way that still really holds up to the standard that I want for my brand,” you can either keep watching our free videos, we’re going to be making a whole bunch of free videos for you guys, or you can message me about our marketing mastery mentorship. So our marketing master mentorship is a program that really helps you todive into the world of both free organic and paid marketing. It’s a six month program, and if you would like to hear more about that, then I will link it in the description box below. Just message me with marketing mastery by clicking on that link, and if you’d like to learn more, we can have a conversation about that.

So tip number three is that you can’t expect engagement if you don’t engage yourself. So often we create post, and we’re like “Oh my gosh, this is the best post. I’m so excited,” and then we hear crickets. And so comments and hearts, I mean, they’re great. You can definitely go into other hashtags on Instagram, and you can comment on other people’s posts, and you can engage with people there. You can definitely go into different Facebook groups, you can comment with people there. That type of thing is great. It will get you noticed to a certain extent, but for those of you guys who have tried it and spent a lot of time doing it, what you might have noticed is that it doesn’t work that quickly.

So conversations and value are better than commenting and giving hearts to people. If you’ve ever noticed, if you are on Instagram, people will heart yourself all the time and then they will follow you, and then unfollow you a couple days later. Don’t do the follow, follow back thing, because honestly, those are not going to be true fans. Those are just people who are looking for a reciprocal follow to get that vanity metric up. It’s not valuable for either of you to be following each other. And so all that’s doing is getting your numbers up.

Now there’s a time and a place for that, if you’re looking maybe for brand deals, and the brands aren’t really looking for true engagement, they’re just looking for a follower count. I mean, brands are getting smarter, and I don’t think that that’s going to be a really valuable strategy in the future. But for right now there are still brands that will pay based on follower count. So if that’s the case, then by all means go ahead and do that, but if you’re looking to really grow your personal brand, and if you’re really looking for those 100 true followers, and you’re looking to make money from your personal brand, then have conversations with people.

Slide into their DMs, right? Have conversations with them. If you do comment on their stuff, if they might be your ideal client, ask them a question. Start a conversation. That is so much more valuable thanjust commenting like “Hey, really cool pic,” or “Yeah, I totally agree with you,” and then just hearting their picture and moving on, or going in and hearting three pics and then hoping that they follow you because you’re sneakily hearting all their stuff so that they might check you out and might follow you.Why don’t you just have a real conversation with them as well, right? Social media is great, but only really if you’re being social. Let’s just really step back and think about, how do people want to be interacted with in social media? They want to have true connection, they want to connect with people that they normally would connect with.

Step number four is to be consistent, but also to be interesting. So many times I see people posting things, and I can tell what book that they’ve just been reading, because it’s almost like they’re regurgitating it word for word. Step back and think about what do you feel about specific content? What do you think about that book that you just read? What do you think about that post that you just read? Don’t just regurgitate the content. Actually sit back and think on it. That’s what creates thought leadership, wheny ou’re actually leading your thoughts and you don’t just regurgitate other people’s thoughts, right?

Look at what other people in your niche are doing. How can you remix it to make it your own and to help you to stand out? If you’re just doing the same thing as everybody else, then you’re not going to stand out.Maybe you have a different opinion, maybe you have a really specific editing style, maybe you are kindof going deep and calling out the BS on somebody’s way of thinking. There are so many different ways that you can remix things and stand out. You can look at things in industries that aren’t even your own to see what’s working over here and how can I bring that into my industry where nobody else is doing it?There’s so many different ways that you can do this, so I want you to be consistent and to post consistent content, but it also needs to be interesting in order for people to care and to follow you.

Now if you’re stuck in this I want you to comment below with, who are some of your favourite personal brands? They might be in your industry, they might be outside of your industry. Let me know who your favourite personal brands are. What I’m going to do is I’m going to go into the comments and I’ll let you know some ideas on how you might be able to remix that content and make it your own, really make itstand out, and how you can integrate that into your specific content. Also make sure that you include either your Instagram handle or your Facebook profile handle so that we can check that out and see what you’re doing and how you might be able to remix that.

So step number five is to have a clear goal in mind. Followers and hearts do not equal dollar dollar bills y’all. Have a clear plan of attack, and you need to start with that end goal in mind. So if it’s your goal to have somebody sign up for your coaching program, you want to think about that, and then you want to start to break down that pathway backwards.

So let’s just say that you are a fitness coach, and you want people to sign up for your fitness coaching. You ultimately want them to pay you to be their coach. Well, you want to start with that angle in mind, so you want to think about “What is my call to action going to be? Is it going to be for them to come and do atrial session with me?” Right? And inside that trial session, that’s how you’re going to convert people into clients.

Make sure you understand what that bottom of the funnel looks like before you start trying to build all the content on the top of the funnel. If you don’t know how you’re going to convert your clients, and if you haven’t built that out and tested it, then it’s going to be a pretty fruitless effort for you to be creating all of this top of the funnel content. It’s just going to be fluff content if you’re not leading people to where you want them go, then you’re not going to ultimately reach your goals.

So it’s really important to know what that goal is, how you’re going to convert people into that goal, and then you can walk yourself backwards to say “Okay, what are some of the limiting beliefs that people have that stops them from moving forward with the action that I want them to take? What content can create in order to help them move past some of those limiting beliefs? What content do we need to create in order for them to gain the confidence that they can actually get the result when they do sign up with coaching with me?” Right? So we want to think about all of those things as we are creating our content.

So if you’re wondering “How the heck do I build that bottom of the funnel? How do I bring people through that so they actually want to talk to me, so they actually get on the phone with me, so that I can sell what it is that I do?” Well, we have a really in depth free training for you, and it is at

Inside of that video, it is a good long video, it’s probably about 90 minutes long, but we go really far into depth onto how you build out your pipeline, and what is a pipeline. How do you start conversations with people so that you can invite them into a sales conversation, and what does that script look like? How do you actually change that and turn that without being salesy and without making things really awkward.How do you have that conversation so that you can invite them into a sales conversation with you?

This is really going to help you out when you’re figuring out your social media strategy, because you can take these tips and you can plop that into your social media strategy, to start with the end goal in mind. So you can check that out. There’s no email required. It’s’re going to link that in the description box below.

All right guys, thank you so, so much for watching. If you haven’t already subscribed, and you would like to become a part of the client hatching family, hit the subscribe button below and make sure that you hit the bell so that you’re notified when we post new videos. Thank you guys so, so much. I appreciate you so much for being here, so much for watching to the end. I can’t even express to you how much it means to myself, and how much it means to Kyle. We just love making these videos and can’t wait to make more for you. We hope that they are valuable and we will see you soon. Bye for now.

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