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Do you want to know how to scale your agency faster?


Discover the strategies and systems that you can use to grow, scale, and sell your boutique agency.

Does running your agency feel more like being stuck in a closing trap than the “freedom business” it was supposed to be? I get it. It happened to me (scroll down for my story). And to all my agency owner clients.

 It was supposed to be the answer.

There were supposed to be a gazillion businesses just begging for you to help them? Right?


But somehow, there’s not enough:


Not enough time...

to do the work you’re best at – the work that attracted you to this crazy business in the first place – so you don’t have to spend all your time in the weeds solving problems.

Not enough good clients...

to give you predictable financial peace of mind, to pay you and your team what they’re worth – so you can confidently fire your worst clients and not worry about paying the rent!

Not enough profits...

so you can make long term investments – in your agency, and in your family’s future.


What’s missing is a system that can transform this stressful guessing game into a predictably successful, scalable — and potentially marketable – business.

After years of scar-tissue research running my own agency and working with lots of small agency owners just like you, I developed the Scale Simplifier System to give you more than enough of things you want most – fast.

  • More than enough time to do what you do best and love most – to get you out, and keep you out, of the brain-damaging minutiae, and get it done better, faster and cheaper by people who are good at it!
  • More than enough great clients –  who respect your agency for the indispensable impact your agency delivers and who are committed to a mutually-beneficial partnership over time.
  • And more than enough profit to give you peace of mind and confidence in a sustainably successful business for years to come.

Introducing The 5-Step Scale Simplifier System

Getting your life back as an agency owner doesn’t have to be so hard…

Step 1:  Scaling You

 Leverage your personal passion, focus, effectiveness, and impact.  Shed distractions and soul sucking time-wasters.


(Get your life back!)

Step 2:  Scaling Your Team

Maximize efficiency, team performance, and quality while maintaining KPI’s and overall client experience.


(No more babysitting!)

Step 3:  Scaling Your Process

Implement proven systems for consistency in your results and cash flow around all areas of your business – marketing, pricing, production, finance…

(Goodbye groundhog’s day!)

Step 3:  Scaling Your Sales

Execute disciplined and dependable marketing, lead gen, conversion, and onboarding processes for a steady stream of profitable, long-term clients.

(All feast, no famine)

Step 5:  Scaling Your Profits

Install management systems and dashboards so that you can spend more time working “on” your business than “in” it.

(The life you wanted in the first place, right?)

I know what you’re thinking… could the Scale Simplifier process help you scale your agency faster?

To be honest, I’m not sure whether it will or it won’t… because I don’t know anything about you.

I don’t know if your agency can take on a lot of new clients quickly without things falling apart.  I don’t know if you’re ready to invest in your scaling right now.  And I don’t know if you give great service to your clients and get them results.

What I DO know is that the Scale Simplifier system is what I used to build, scale, and sell a multi-million dollar agency. A multiple award-winning agency that was the top in it’s space…

And I DO know that it’s worked for dozens of our clients since.

So you have to ask yourself, could this work for me?  Is is worth the risk of getting on a 15-minute phone call to find out?

Dave Nelson Quadrupled His Business and Team Happiness While Spending More Time With His Family

The Agency

Dave Nelson is the owner of The SecretPenguin and a creative director who has overseen the creation and refinement of over 200 brands.  His agency is known for building exceptional brands that make their clients stand out in a busy world.

They’ve worked with skateboarding companies, restaurants, non-profits, you name it… and they’ve been able to make their mark as an authority in each vertical they’ve embraced.


The Problem

When Dave came to work with us it was because he was stretched too thin.  He was doing a “zillion things” for a hundred clients and found it quite difficult to manage.

They were playing in the weeds and it was wearing Dave and his team members thin.  Dave was burning the candle at both ends. He often worked until 2am then got back up at 3:30am in an attempt to be home in time to spend time with family… only to not be able to leave again the next night.  He recalls late nights being in tears trying to figure out how to pay the bills, where rent was coming from, and where he was going to find his agency’s next client.


The Results

Over a 6-month period:

  • The SecretPenguin quadrupled their business.
  • Dave and his team now works only from 9 to 5:30.  No more long nights!
  • His team grew from 2 employees and an intern to a team of 8.
  • The agency no longer had to compete with other agencies that were doing everything.  They were known for what they do and creating incredible work and partnerships with clients. 

How We Did It 

1. Created a stand-out message (Scale Simplifier #4 )

Before our work together, Dave’s agency fell into the trap that far too many agencies do — being everything to everyone.  They struggled and strived to get noticed, yet potential clients didn’t see the value in what they did. At least not enough to pay the fees The SecretPenguin was looking to charge!

We created a total shift in their business by helping Dave carve out a niche for himself that him and his team loved working in — and that they were really, really good at.  For The SecretPenguin it was working with brands that add value to the community.

This helped separate their agency from everyone else competing for business.  By separating themselves out and really owning a space, prospects would call them and say “We were looking at a bunch of agencies, but we saw you specialize in this and really want to work with you!”.  

This was a HUGE turning point for Dave and his team.  When people could say in ONE sentence what they did, and how they were different than every other agency out there, their business quadrupled almost overnight.  

Imagine not having to compete for business, but having clients single YOU out — what would that do for your agency?


2. Substantiated Organic Growth (Scale Simplifier #8)

It takes just one second on Dave’s website to understand that he’s a really creative guy.  Most agency owners are — it’s part of what drive us to the game. When I first met Dave he was so focused on the visual branding components for clients.  They were making some really cool looking stuff, but clients weren’t equating the value with the quality of Dave and his team’s work and it was stifling the organic growth and longevity of their accounts.

Dave and his team had fallen into a common agency trap — they were so caught up in the design and creative details that mattered to them, but didn’t ultimately matter to their clients.

I pointed out to Dave that in order to get clients to want to work with them longer-term, they would need to start making their client’s lives easier.  They needed to solve problems that would help their clients accomplish THEIR goals. Solving client’s problems and making their lives easier is how you go from an agency they hire to an agency they see as a long-term strategic partner.  

Dave says “If it weren’t for Scott I would have never been able to see the bigger picture and prioritize.  I would still be lost in the weeds and caught up in stuff, and my business wasn’t moving forward.  Working with Scott has been really eye-opening and really FUN at the same time… he has really helped transform the way that we do business”.

What would it do for YOUR agency if you got to be very focused on the relationship side of things and doing what you loved with clients?

3.  Role Setting (Scale Simplifier #1)

At the beginning of our work together Dave was very attached to the work, but not the work that mattered.  There was a blurred line between the roles of his implementation team and himself as the agency owner. 

He often worked late into the night and was convincing himself that he couldn’t take a break — even just for a few hours — because he was convinced that he was too busy.  

Of course this also meant that many of the top talents that Dave would have loved to recruit were off limits as well because who would want to work with an organization that didn’t provide a great work-life balance?

One of the most important, but possibly the least sexy exercises that we did was Dave was helping him move fully into his role as a CEO.  He needed to let go of the low value tasks in his business and do only the things that were valued at his pay grade.

This meant creating better systems and clarity around the roles on his team.  I taught Dave how to structure his priorities and let go of the “zillion things” they needed to do in order to work more “on” his business while his team worked “in” it.

Dave says “Now, things still need to get done, and I still think about work because I’m passionate about it, but I can go home and play with my kids, or leave early and pick up my daughter from school and hang out with her and get ice cream!  My team and I only come in at 9am in the morning. And at 5pm we’re done… I’m busy now, but in a productive way.”

How would your life be different if you could leave your work at the door, and still trust that everything will get done as well or even better than if you were to do it yourself?

“I would highly recommend Scott Anderson.

He has really helped me see the bigger picture and helped me prioritize. If it weren’t for him, I would still be lost in the weeds and caught up in stuff, and my business wasn’t moving my business forward.

Working with Scott has been really eye-opening AND REALLY FUN at the same time… He has really helped transform the way that we do business.”

 Dave Nelson, Founder & Owner, The SecretPenguin

“When I first started working with Scott, I remember I was staying up late — like 2 or 3 in the morning. And almost in tears, just trying to figure out how we’re going to pay our bills… How we’re going to make rent for that month… Let alone where we’re going to find the next client to come in. 

Now, my team and I only come in at 9 am in the morning. At 5 pm, we’re done.”

I built an agency up to 7 figures, cashed out and sold the agency in 2014.

Since then, as a way of giving back… and not burning through the proceeds of my recent sale… I decided that I am going to coach some agency owners and teach them all the stuff I learned while scaling our agency past the $1 million mark, past the $2 million mark, past the $3 million mark, etc. etc.

 So… If I were you I would be thinking, “Man there’s no shortage of people offering to help me with my agency – why you?”

 For one thing, I’ve done it. I’ve actually scaled my agency to $1 million, $2 million, etc. Been there. Done that.

 Our 5-step system is based on what I did personally. Not theoretically, like a lot of other “coaches”.

 If you are all-in, if you are willing to give this system everything you’ve got, “The 5 Scale Simplifiers” will take your agency from “stuck” to “scaling” FAST!

 The 5 Scale Simplifiers System will help you simplify the people you work with… Simplify how you get them results… Simplify how you get them as clients… Simplify your life… And much more.

Is Your Agency Currently Billing $20,000 – $150,000 A Month? 
Are You Ready To Double That Over the Next 10 months?

During our Scale Session we will ask you some questions to find out more about where you’d like to take your agency, what challenges you’ve been experiencing, and we’ll talk about what you need to do in order to fix that.   By the end of our 15-minutes together you will have the clarity and confidence on exactly what you need to do to grow your agency, regain your life, and have a lot of fun doing it.