Risky Business Sans Tom Cruise

We recently had a great discussion in our High Ticket Selling Lab group about which was more of a risky venture: working for yourself or at a traditional 9-5?

The overwhelming consensus was that working for yourself was less risky. One of our group members put it best: “I’m not going to fire myself and I won’t be subject to layoffs. Plus, I’m in charge of how I work and the hours I want to put in.”

While I couldn’t agree more, being your own boss definitely comes with an element of risk.

If you’re a solopreneur, everything falls on you. You’re putting yourself, your future, and possibly your family’s future on the line every day you’re out there hustling. Nothing ventured, nothing gained though, amirite?

Business, as with life, is inherently risky, and there’s no way to completely eliminate it. However, there are 3 ways to install less risk into your business:

—> Create 1-to-many programs rather than working 1:1.  When you work 1:1, there are only so many clients you can take on.  Say you can take on 12… if you lose one of those clients, you lose 1/12 of your income. At $100K a year, that’s more than $8,000!  *ouch*

Working 1:1 also limits the growth in your business and makes it difficult to scale because YOU become the bottleneck.

By shifting to a 1-to-many offer you’ll be able to serve more clients at once.  It’ll force you to have clear processes to bring clients through (no more doing things differently for every client who walks in the door).  And because you’ll have a clear path to getting clients the results they’re after that’s set in stone, you’ll be able to teach it to others and remove yourself as the sole delivery person in your business.

—> Create systems and build leveraged teams.  Remember when I said life is risky? Well, one day you could get hit by a bus. What then would happen to your business?

You can’t serve your clients.  Your company may be open to lawsuits.  And you’ll be out of business.

Building systems and automation into your business can alleviate some of these fears. Additionally, team members bring different talents, knowledge, and skill sets that can complement your own which will help you fill skill gaps and focus on the things that you do best.

—> Install multiple lead sources.  Do it. RIGHT NOW. Facebook is shutting down advertising accounts like hot cakes without giving business owners any reason. Just this past spring, we had our social media and ad accounts stolen from us in a hack. Having multiple lead sources leaves you less vulnerable to changes and in shifts social media platforms and algorithms.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Do you have any strategies that you use in your business to leverage risk?

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