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Before we can understand how to improve your Client Creation strategy, we first need to explore the different life cycles and journeys that your business will go through:

ENVISION – When your business is in the Envision stage, it’s just an idea.  Although you may be actively working inside your business, entrepreneurs in the Envision stage have yet to secure paying clients or may be taking on projects that don’t fit their vision in order to make their bills.

EXPLORE – Businesses in the Explore stage are in a phase of discovery.  You’re figuring out your messaging, ideal clients, niche, pricing, and products/services suite.  This is a period of definition.  Many business owners will move past this stage into the Establish phase, and then move back down into this Explore phase because they find their offer is not resonating with the offer they chose.  This is typically the result of weak Client Creation Pillars (more on this below) and not because the audience is the wrong one.

ESTABLISH – Businesses who are in the Establish stage are working with clients on a more consistent basis and typically are DIY’ing their sales and marketing.  Your team and marketing budgets are relatively small.

EVOLVE – When you are an entrepreneur in the Evolve phase, you have the need to bring on additional resources and automate more of your sales & marketing process through operational systems with the goal of growth.  At this stage, the business owner and small team are no longer able to handle all of the daily operations of the business.

EXPAND – You have a full and thriving business and are working towards becoming a leader in your space and expanding to reach new niches or subsets of your market.

EXIT – Not all business owners will want to sell their business, but those who do will have worked to maintain a valuable leadership position in their marketplace and wnat to sell in order to leave a legacy behind.  The Continuity pillar (especially lowering attrition) is a core focus at the Exit stage.

The foundation of any business is Client Creation.  Without paying clients a business is just a hobby.  A solid Client Creation strategy consists of of 7 core sales & marketing pillars.  All of these pillars must be strong or, like a building with a weak foundation, your business will begin to sag.

Businesses in different Life Cycles will want to focus more heavily on some pillars than others.

For example, if your business is in the Envision life cycle and you haven’t yet had a paying client, your focus should be on building the Messaging pillar of your Client Creation Strategy.  Many entrepreneurs choose to focus on Lead Generation at this stage, which creates a cycle of constant feast and famine because they have not yet validated their idea and messaging strategy.

Let’s explore the 7 Pillars a bit further:


Messaging is more than just the words you use or the copy you write.  Messaging is about connecting to your prospects in a way that turns on the lightbulb and provides an a-HA moment.  It’s about conveying your idea in the most basic and simple way possible.  Messaging creates credibility and makes your potential clients feel

If you miss your mark on messaging, your Client Creation campaign will fail.  Period. 


Your attraction pillar contains 2 elements:  
traffic & attention.  Without one or the other, your sales and marketing plan will fall apart before it begins.

It’s important to keep your sales process in mind.  A business that sells in-person will need less traffic and attention than one that is built on an evergreen model.  

Many business owners skip directly to the 4th Lead Generation pillar, but without the foundation of strong Attraction, lead generation will be a struggle.


Marketing is not all about attention and lead generation — many of your future clients aren’t aware that they have a problem, nor do they realize that a solution exists to their current problems.

Educate:  Teach your prospects something that will give them an a-HA moment.  This isn’t about teaching them your product or service, it’s about helping them recognize something they didn’t know before.

Demonstrate:  You can achieve an a-HA moment by demonstrating why a common practice doesn’t work or show them a new way to do things.

Inform:  Dispel a common misconception or inform them about a situation they might not be aware of.

Entertain:  This one is pretty straightforward.  Use humour, music, or your big personality to break through the noise and get your messaging across.


The Lead Generation Pillar is where you connect with clients on their interest.  You’ve done the leg-work necessary for your prospect to go from oblivious that there’s a solution for them (or unaware that your solution exists).  Then you educated, demonstrated, informed, and entertained to prime the client to move from awareness into interest

At this point it should be relatively simple for the client to raise their hand and say, “I’m interested”.


Your products and services are how your business shows up in the world.  How you create impact.  How you make a difference in your client’s lives.

Where many business owners get hung up is in creating products and services that they think will be successful — instead of putting in the work to create something that they’ve validated will be successful.


It’s one thing to get leads — it’s quite another to convert them into paying customers.

Often, business owners blame poor conversion on lead quality.  However, if your marketing system is setup to attract, EDIE, and generate a leads, plus your products are aligned with what the market cares about, poor conversion boils down to poor sales systems.


60-80% of customers who describe themselves as satisfied do not go back to do more business with the company they were initially satisfied with.

Why?  Because they lack connection.

Creating a journey for your customers and having a systemized keep-in-touch strategy is essential.

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