Free Class: Skill Up Your Prospecting

How to Generate Prospects when you've run out of your warm market... even if you're an introvert

During this free on-demand class, you will get:

The secrets to continually connect with new leads (hint: it's not about YOU)

How to use your warm market -- even if they aren't your ideal clients.

Exactly WHAT to say so that it feels good and loving for both you and your prospect

How to set expectations about the call so that your prospect doesn't feel "sold to"... but they also don't feel like you ran a "bait and switch"

Bonus: How to call out your perfect clients on social media

How to step past the fear of putting yourself out there -- even if you're a total introvert

About Your Investment

This intensive training combines thousands of hours of practical research and 15 years of experience in sales and prospecting.

This is a great opportunity to learn SO MUCH in one short 90-minute live seminar.  

Most courses that cover this content start at $1,997 and up...

This value packed intensive training is totally FREE 

About Your Instructor

Heather Prestanski (@hprestanski)

Prior to leaving the corporate world, Heather lead an award-winning team at Canada's largest digital marketing agency. There, she was considered a training authority in the realm on social media marketing. After moving on Heather became the Chief Marketing Officer for a multi-national clothing chain, built and sold her own digital marketing firm, and has helped dozens of entrepreneurs achieve success in creating clients.  

She have worked with small, one-man operations and multiple Fortune 50 firms. And the reason what she does works for everyone is because she doesn't sell strategy... she helps people build skillsets.

The reason no one is seeing results from online courses and coaching programs is because online courses and masterminds teach very specific strategies.  

If a single strategy actually worked for everyone, we would all read Richard Branson's “How To Be a Billionnaire” and live out our lives on an island. The truth is, there are foundational elements that hold true inside every successful client creation strategy. But the strategy itself is nearly always different which is why Heather focuses on building skills that will empower you to find the strategies that work perfectly for you and your business.

Skill Up Your Prospecting

How to Find More Prospects NOW and Invite Them to Work With You