Procrastinators Unite! …Tomorrow

“Today’s the day! I’m going to be productive!

“I woke up early. Coffee’s on. I’ve got a number of things I want to do today. Let’s do this!”

Then you sit down at your desk and your day somehow gets away from you. Social media notifications keep dinging. A client needs urgent attention. Your mom calls you about an upcoming family event. School called and you need to pick up your sick kid.  Now the dog’s barking at you for some reason, gotta see what he wants.

And all of a sudden, it’s mid-afternoon and you haven’t gotten a damn thing accomplished.

Now it just gets worse.

Your to-do list hasn’t gotten any smaller, but the amount of time left in your day sure has.

You’re kicking yourself in the arse for not being focused and productive, and the self defeating thoughts start enveloping your psyche.

Then the guilt creeps in that you can’t spend quality time with your family tonight. Your spouse asks “You were working for 8 hours today, what were you doing that whole time?” and your best response is scrolling through cat memes on Instagram.

Before bed, you promise yourself tomorrow’s a new day and you’ll start fresh.

But all you can do is lie awake all night thinking of that daunting to-do list… leaving you exhausted the next day and open to the cycle continuing.

Listen, I know this is an extreme case, but it’s very easy to get distracted during the course of your work day.

Fortunately, there’s a few easy hacks your can implement into your routine right now that should help with crushing your day:

—> Calendarize everything. My calendar rules my life. I don’t keep a to-do list of tasks (seeing a HUGE list in front of you can be overwhelming). Instead, my tasks get scheduled into my calendar when I plan on doing them, even eating meals and time for social media.

Calendarization helps focus your time and energy.  Parkinson’s Law states that work expands to fill the time available for its completion (I.e. if I give myself only 30 minutes to complete a task, it’ll get done in that span, but if I give myself 2 hours, it’ll likely take the whole two hours).

—> Work in blocks and set a timer.  Take a break every 50 minutes or so. Get up for a washroom break and a glass of water. Do some squats. Giving the mind a break helps it to function more smoothly.

Also, I like the app called “Tick”. You can set it on your phone to count down and create some white noise in the background. I like a ticking noise set quietly because whenever I feel distracted it reminds me of the task at hand.

—> Create frameworks.  Whenever we have to create something more than once, we build a framework around it. Our emails are all done in the same framework. Our videos for social media are as well. That way, when I need to create and batch content, I can just fill in the framework and it’s a lot faster and easier to build.

—> Focus on the “only you” activities — delegate or outsource the rest. Be honest with what are the “only you” activities, i.e. the ones that only you could complete in your business.

For example, you probably need to outline the content, but do you need to write the body of the email once the concept and key points are hashed out?  Do you need to create the slide deck for your sales presentation, or can you just sketch out the main ideas and let your team handle the details?

Focusing on the “only you” activities means you’re focusing on the highest value activities in your business — the ones that will make you the most money. Getting lost in the minutia means throwing money down the drain.

Give these hacks a try today in your business and watch your focus and productivity go through the roof!

With love,

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