[Part 3 of 3] 3 Ways to Find NEW High Ticket Clients

So we’ve all drank the Kool Aid that webinars are the bees knees when it comes to attracting new clients.


One of the trends I’ve been noticing lately is that a lot of big time marketers are shifting away from webinars and trying something new.

They’re sending people direct from an ad straight to a long-form video that teaches (like a webinar does) but it’s shorter and pre-recorded… rather than done live or on replay of a live recording.

The ad outlines what the video is about and, when you click it, you go directly to a page that hosts only the video.  

Nothing else.

No opt-in.  

No upsell or downsell.  

Just the video.


The video itself teaches the audience something they want to know — without the barrier to getting on a list or waiting 15 minutes for your evergreen webinar to begin — and it invites you to get on a call with them at the end.

No funnel/opt-in BS afterwards. Right to a call.

We did something similar a few years back where we streamed our entire webinar through Facebook Live and ran ads to it.  People were able to see the entire presentation without any barrier. And it worked really well for us! We closed about $45,000 in new business in just over a week on a few hundred dollars ad spend.

What makes webinars so powerful is the ability to follow-up with prospects you already know are interested in what you do because they signed up for a presentation on the topic.

But here’s the thing:  you don’t have to collect an email address to do that.

You can simply embed the video from Facebook then retarget your ads to people who watched a certain percentage.

Set up your retargeting audiences like this:

  • Reshow the initial ad to people who watched 10 seconds, but exclude those who watched 50% or more.  They may have had to turn off the video because of a distraction but would like to watch again.
  • Retarget people who watched 50% or more in the last 7 days with an ad that corresponds to your call to action in the video.  I recommend your call to action be to get on a call with you or your team.
  • Retarget people who watched 50% or more in the last 7 days with a case study as well.  This will build more social proof and improve your closing percentage.
  • Retarget people who watched 50% or more in the last 14 days and exclude the last 7 days (so they’ll see the ad one week after watching, but not before) to lead them into a down sell offer.  This is what you might have sold them on the thank-you page to your webinar.

So, there you have it: Group calls, podcasts, and long-form videos. Which one do you think would be best for your business to help generate more high ticket clients?

Why not try all three!

I’m always here if you want to chat about implementing what I’ve shared this week!  Just comment below!

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