[Part 3 of 3] 3 Reasons Why Your Ads Aren’t Working

Repeat after me: Do not sell to a cold audience!

One more time: Do not sell to a cold audience!

Probably the biggest mistake that I see business owners making when it comes to their marketing strategy is not thinking about the warmth of prospects they’re advertising to.  

There’s a big difference in strategy when it comes to a cold prospect (someone who doesn’t know you) and a warm prospect (someone who knows and likes you already).  

Therefore, the third and final rule I go back to when I want to get ads back on track quickly is warmth.

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Typically, putting an offer in front of a completely cold prospect is going to be too expensive for most businesses to handle.

Besides, if they’ve never heard of you before, why would they immediately want to buy something from you?

Try to keep in mind that your ads should be leading the prospect up to the next step in the client journey. Think of it as a ladder: Your prospect can’t climb to the top of the ladder (i.e. a sales call) without making his or her way up the rungs beforehand.

So, when reviewing your ads strategy, it’s important to consider how you plan on warming up new leads before asking them for their email address or to download something.

We love using videos.  But, if you prefer to write then blogs work great as well.

What we traditionally have done is create a short video that we send to cold audiences on a topic that we know is keeping them up at night. Try to hone in on your audience’s fears, frustrations, wants, and desires (remember part 1?).  

Then, we retarget the people who watched 50% of that video with our opt-in, webinar, or offer for them to get on our list or to join our community.

The reason this works so well is because we can get relatively inexpensive 50% video views when the topic of the video is dialled in. (We aim for $0.20 – $0.40 per 50% view).

We then know that every person who sees our opt-in ads are already warmed up a bit, trusts us enough to have watched me talk for a bit, and are looking for exactly what we do.  This leads to higher quality opt-ins and less expensive leads.

The trick to making this work is ensuring that your warm-up ad is:

a) Aligned with the topic of your opt-in and what you’ll eventually be selling them.  If the first video is on mindset then you try to retarget them with ad strategy, you’re not likely to get the result you’re after.

b) Easy to consume.  We tend to want to pack everything into new prospects to try to impress them. But simple is better here.  Keep it short and sweet and to the point. People who don’t already know you are unlikely to watch for long, especially if a point is not made within the first couple of minutes.

So, there you have it. Messaging, Attribution, and Warmth. Work your way through these marking principles and your ads should be rocking!

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