[Part 2 of 3] 3 Reasons Why Your Ads Aren’t Working

It’s Judgment Day.  

Ads that were working a few days ago no longer are.  You turn them off and try again… and again… and again…

On my last post, I had talked about messaging and how your copy can greatly impact the success or failure of your ads. (If you missed it, we also posted it in our group which you can check out here)

Today, I want to talk about Rule #2 – Attribution.

A big mistake I see people make (and that I’ve certainly been guilty of myself in the past) is that we tend to judge ads as standalone pieces in our business.  

The problem with this is that if you have, say, 3 ads running at a time and 2 of them are not driving conversions, we don’t actually know if the 2 “non-performing” are ads contributing to the conversions of the third.

Maybe they saw one ad first, then saw the second ad, and converted on the third.  You may think that the first and second ads aren’t working because they converted off the third, but without the first and second, would the third have even worked?

It’s quite likely that the first two ads were pieces that helped solve the puzzle in your client’s mind and ultimately led them to convert on the third ad.

All this is to say that ad campaigns are holistic — not standalone.

This means that you’ll often have different ads and creatives that are driving people to convert.  

There is no real science to this, but the way I like to think about how ads work in unison is by trying to think through the broken beliefs that potential clients have.  

Broken beliefs are the mind shifts that prospects need to make in order to feel that your solution is the best one for them on the market.

For example, we don’t accept any new 1:1 clients, mostly because our 1-to-many clients get far better results… and results are what matter most to us in our business.

But most people think that they’ll do better 1:1.  So this is a broken belief that we need to change before we can sell someone our Mastery Mentorship program.

So, in our ad campaign, we would have a series of ads that would speak towards different aspects of this broken belief, which, together, lead to a shift in the prospect’s mindset.

Another broken belief that people often have is that they need a coach who coaches people in their specific business niche in order to be successful.

We have million dollar case studies in many different industries.  And we have a slew of others who are in the multiple six-figure range.

So, we often need to mend the broken belief that they need a specialist through our messaging as well.

Next time you notice a bunch of ads under-performing, don’t immediately “turn off” the under-performing ads. Take a 10,000 foot look at how they all fit together first and think through the broken beliefs that potential clients may have.

On my next post, I’ll talk about the third and final rule we always obey when getting our ads up and running.

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