[Part 1 of 3] 3 Reasons Why Your Ads Aren’t Working

Ads are a double-edged sword.

They’re important in generating new leads into your business, but can be a royal pain in the you-know-what… especially when they don’t convert and you feel like you’ve just flushed money down the drain.

Or, when the prospects you DO end up attracting aren’t qualified and waste your time.

Eventually, your sales start to slip, so you end up spending MORE on ads or taking someone’s course to try to get yourself out of the hole, which leads to a lot of stress and sleepless nights wondering what you’re doing wrong.

Heck, we’ve even struggled with our recent ads have been a bust because we were following someone else’s formula.

Platforms change. Algorithms change. No one truly has a fix on the game.

2500 years ago, Greek poet Archilochus famously said “We do not rise to the level of our expectations. We fall to the level of our training.”

When all else fails, we fall back on what we already know to be true of marketing.  

Over the next few days, I’ll be talking about the 3 rules I go back to when I want to get ads back on track quickly.

The first rule is to focus on your messaging.

Your best bet when reviewing your ads is to test the ad on your warm market first.  I’ll often post my ad copy organically — to my group or to my page — to test to see if the copy resonates with my audience and generates responses.  Instead of a link or a button, I’ll ask them to comment with “I’m In” so that I know for sure which ones are working (since we don’t have the same tracking organically as we do on the ads platform).

If your ad copy hasn’t gotten any traction organically, take a step back and ask yourself: Have I adequately spoken to my target audience’s fears, frustrations, wants, and desires? Have I gotten in their head and know their problem better than they do? Is what I’m offering ultimately going to solve a problem that they have?

Another strategy we use is to create “swipe files” (files where we keep pictures of ads that we see ran by others) that we turn to for inspiration. However, it’s a common mistake to think that if an ad has a lot of engagements that it’s probably working really well.  The truth is that the owner of the ad might have ran it for engagement to a different country first to make it look like it had social proof before flipping it over to their core market. We don’t actually know if the ad is producing revenue, or even how much that ad has spent, but it’s always a good idea to do some recon in your niche to find messaging blind spots that you can speak to.

So, if you’re ads aren’t working, always start by looking at the messaging first 🙂

On my next post, I’ll talk about Rule #2 – Attribution – and how it can impact your ads. 

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