No One Knows Who I Am

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You work your tail off to create an incredible offer that you KNOW is going to be a game changer!

“This is going to be it!”

“This is what’s going to launch my biz into the stratosphere!”

Then, you go to sell it, and… well… nothing happens. *crickets*

Then what happens?

Your confidence is shattered. You begin second guessing all your decisions. The thought of “Can I really do this?” keeps you up all night.

The thing is, there’s so much comparison out there and we’re constantly holding ourselves to the candle of others in the online space that we see and recognize.

You know the ones… people who have spent a TON of time and money to get their brands out there.  The ones who don’t serve their clients as powerfully as YOU do, but are somehow getting allllll the attention.

It leads us to think that the only way to get clients to notice us is to copy what they’re doing.  To be LOUDER and rise above the noise. *Yuck*

But the truth is that you don’t need to spend a boatload of money on ads.

You don’t need to be constantly creating content and commenting on EVERY SINGLE THING in groups to gain visibility in your niche.

In fact, in this video I walk you through how you can fill your practice without having to reach out to anyone cold whatsoever (even if you have no potential clients in your contacts).

Watch the video then head on over to  The High Ticket Selling Lab where we have a deeper training into what I call THE INNER CIRCLE METHOD.  This is the method we used to initially fill our coaching practice, our ads agency, and our past design firm.  

No launching, awkward networking events, or advertising budgets required.

Click here to become a member and access the training:

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