Mindset Reset Exercise

How To Use This Guide:

Our state of mind dictates how we show up daily inside of our business.  If you aren’t feeling confident, it can be difficult to nail that sales call.  If you’re anxious about a mistake you made with a client, it can affect the other clients you’re serving and decrease the quality of your work.

This exercise is a journalling practice that will allow you to reset.  I give it to my clients each year and ask that they reflect on their answers as we continue working together.  It allows them to hold space for what’s important, step into their power, and let go of the things that are unneccessarily overwhelming to them. 

Mind Set Exercise

Set aside 15 minute chunks of time in complete quiet and peace to answer the questions in this guide one at a time. As someone who is likely a quickstart, you’ll be tempted to be your high achiever self and want to finish it as quickly as possible. It’s important to resist that urge and give yourself the time needed for deep reflection.  Let your thoughts flow, uninterrupted (set a timer if you wish!). Then read the work back and summarize in point form.  

Keep this journal to refer back to when you find yourself slipping from your state of peak mental state.

  • How will I let others show me they’re capable of doing the things I typically feel I have to do myself?
  • How will I commit to setting boundaries and only taking on projects and clients that I love?
  • How will I release the need for control over my work relationships?
  • How will I build and strengthen deep connections with my team, clients and partners?
  • In which ways do I get distracted from my purpose because I don’t trust myself? (EX: Picking up and dropping projects like hot potatoes)
  • Why do I need to feel constantly busy? ( Is this related to past pain?)
  • How will I channel my ability for massive action towards my purpose?
  • Why do I sometimes feel that I don’t deserve as much space and patience as my clients do? ( Or why do I not create that space to do the things I do for my clients for myself?)
  • This is how I will trust myself:
  • Why might I be worried about letting my guard down?
  • How will I release any fear around letting people down and forgive myself for past transgressions that led to this fear?
  • How will I let go of the thought that working at a higher level means more stress and potential for blame?
  • How will I build confidence and release that attachment of needing encouragement from other people?
  • How will I ensure that I spend my time doing the things I really want to do- Not the things that will make me money? ( And how will I build trust in myself that by doing these things the money will come?)
  • How will I ensure that I enable myself to experience the growing pain necessary long enough to see transformation- Rather than avoiding the pain and remaining unfulfilled?
  • How will I enforce boundaries when I’m feeling abundant and communicate honestly when a client begins demanding more then they signed up for?
  • How will I boost my confidence and honor my creativity?
  • How will I protect my boosted confidence in myself and trust that I am taking care of others even when putting myself first?


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