Limitless Launch Plan

Launching is serious work.  And, for many it can feel overwhelming and daunting.

I’ve put together this guide to walk you through the process of creating your online product launch plan.

Step 1:  planning

I recommend giving yourself at least 6 weeks to launch.  Take a moment to figure out each of the following dates.  We will use these in a bit to plug into the launch plan.

  • Cart open date:
  • Cart close date:
  • Early-Bird open:
  • Early-Bird Deadline:
  • Early-Bird Offer:
  • Product Description:

step 2:  Launch Content Types

Take a moment and consider 5 types of free content that you would enjoy making.  Write these down.  For example: Video series, webinars, ebooks, audio recordings, guided meditations, Quizzes, Blogs, info graphics.

Step 3:  Content Topics

Part of a launch is giving value and educating your audience before asking them to purchase.  Write down 5 free content topics that you could create.

Important: All roads leads to home! These topics need to be in direct relation to what you’re selling. For example, if your product is a sales course, your freebie could be around “How to identify the type pf buyer in front of you”

Step 4:  Your Trip Wire

A trip wire is a product priced so low that it’s a no-brainier to buy. The purpose of a trip wire is to convert someone from a lead to a customer (even if it’s just a teeny tiny commitment) because, once they’ve pulled out that credit card, it becomes much easier to continue to convert them into your main product.  

My trip wire product will be:  ______________
(Remember, all roads lead to home. Keep it in direct relation to what you’re selling!)

My trip wire will be priced at: $_________
(This needs to be a no-brainier price tag. I recommend offering something between $9-$29).

Step 5:  Profit Maximizer

A profit maximizer is something that can be sold as an up-sell, add-on, or related product when someone purchases your core offer.  People who buy one item are most likely to buy a second product at the same time because they are in a hyper-active buying mode.
It’s a lot easier to find one client and sell them a few related products then to find multiple clients!

Your profit maximizer should be something that compliments what your’re selling really well. For example, if you sell shoes, insoles or laces would be the perfect profit maximizer. If you sell a course on how to do webinars, done-for-you slide deck would be a great maximixer for you.

My profit maximizer product will be: __________

My profit maximizer price will be:  $__________
(I recommend somewhere between 15-30% of the core offer price)

Step 6:  Map Your launch

This is where it all comes together.  We’re going to take the elements that you’ve branstormed in steps 1-5 and plug them into the Limitless Launch formula.  The images below show you exactly where each product or piece of content goes and the timing around when you should release and promote each.

Your Freebie Opt-Ins will be your 5 core pieces of free content.  This may be in any format that you wish and I recommend that the closer you are to launch, the more in-depth and valuable your freebies become.  

For example, if you have a PDF Checklist and a Webinar as two of your Freebies, you’ll want to position the Webinar closer to launch and position the checklist near the beginning of the process.  The perceived value of a webinar is far greater than a one-pager.  It’s also more difficult to get people to sign up for because you’re asking for an hour (or sometimes more!) of their time.

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