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Emerge Case Study

The Challenge

Tasha began working with us in the infantry stages of her business.  She had no revenue or cash flow with which to grow — just an idea and her desire to disrupt an industry.  She had quit her corporate job 3 months prior and revenues were at just $669 in April of 2016.  Tasha understood the importance of speed and hanging with people who were further along than she was, so that she could shorten the learning curve and come onto the scene quickly.

the market

Emerge Sales Training was met with the not-so-unique challenge of offering a traditionally high-cost service (sales coaching) into an extremely price-sensitive marketplace.  Because their customer’s commission averaged just $50 per sale, we had to be careful to ensure the training was accessible to those it served while maintaining healthy profit margins that allowed us to grow rapidly.


2017 Revenue


The results

We began working with Tasha in May of 2016.  Her revenue saw a 373% increase in that first month (from $669 to $2,500).  Her goal was to be into profit and out of savings by the end of 2016.  She blew that goal away earning nearly 6-figures in revenue by the end of 2016.  In 2017 we helped Tasha build a team and sales engine that resulted in over $1.2Million in revenue, over $100,000 donated to charity, and 12 very well paid employees with a healthy bottom line for Tasha to take home.

More Than Just The Numbers…


Ensured Pricing, marketing, and sales strategies were aligned to reach her goals and remain true to tasha's core values


allowed tasha to become a more business-minded strategic thinker and stronger leader


set projects that allowed her to move the needle towards her goals


Her own clients went from making a couple hundred dollars a month to as high as $80K as a result of tasha's improved coaching skills

disrupting an industry takes more than just sales ability

We partnered with Tasha to create models inside her business that would allow her to enter into an industry that had never been penetrated by outsiders before.  To do so, we had to rely on strong business models (and in some cases, create our own models where we were stepping into unchartered territory!)

Tasha saw the value in working with someone who had achieved what she wanated for her own business as we were able to stop her from making mistakes and help her step more gracefully as she was thrust from sole proprietor to CEO of a rapidly growing organization.

While the models and concepts we use are not new, business owners often get lost in the nuances of how the models can be applied to their own business to maximize growth and get out of the weeds.  Clarity, speed, and confidence mean everything to us.  And they meant everything to Tasha as well…


Watch this video to learn how we created explosive growth, predictable cash flow, and time leverage inside Tasha’s business:

step 1: BUILT a CORE OFFER WITH HIGH DEMANd and strong client results

We created a scalable core offer with one focus:  completion.  We knew that if the students didn’t complete and get measurable results, that the business wouldn’t grow.  We focused on 3 core areas:  Market, Messaging, and Measurement.

Watch this video to learn how we built the core offer:


We ceased all marketing dollars until sales were healthy and the selling system converted well.  We focused on 5 aspects of the sales process:  Drive, Desire, Dissect, Direct, and Decide to drive crazy high close rates (as high as 5X’s industry average).

Watch this video to learn what elements we added to generate crazy high close rates:


“Lifer” clients was our mission, but we didn’t want to complicate the business.  So we scaled back the offerings and created a very simple pathway for clients to take that made sense.  We eliminated the path for funnel jumpers, instead making each step in the process a pre-requisite to the next.  This meant clients saw more results, and we could weed out those just looking for a bandaid solution.

Watch this video to learn how to create continuity in your business so you can continue to scale:


By focusing the brand on client Desires, having distinct Differentiation and polarization in the marketplace (without being a dick about it), and eliminating buying distractions from our marketing and sales process, Emerge was able to create Connection with their clients, Interest in the marketplace, and Influence as they disrupted the industry they entered.  This meant steady growth and rapid scale.

Watch this video to learn how to create a marketing campaign that is scalable and won’t eat away your profit margins:

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