I Want to Charge Higher Prices

You know your worth, but are you charging what you want to be?

I know so many coaches, healers, and consultants who talk themselves out of raising their prices because they’re telling themselves:

“If I charge less, it’ll be easier to close the sale.” (Myth)

“Okay, but if I charge more than other practitioners in my space, no one will buy.” (Also a myth).

It’s not your space, your niche, or your market holding you back from charging what you want.

But it can be difficult, especially in the healing and mindset coaching space, where we have a fear that we need to help people make money so that we can show them how they’ll make back their money.

In this video I talk about TWO things you can implement into your business that will help you charge the prices YOU want and connect in with those who fully see the value and are willing to pay.

And, if you’re looking to take it a step further, we have a free training for you on how to call in your ideal client inside our group The High Ticket Selling Lab.  

Grab it here:  heatherprestanski.com/group


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