How To Share Your Unique Gift On A Greater Scale

How to Share Your Unique Gift on a Greater Scale


Most people think that to grow on a higher scale they just need to do more: more visibility, longer hours, more content, more programs, more affiliates, more guest expert appearances.

The fact of the matter is that what you do to take your business to six-figures will not get you to seven figures.

In fact, doing more of what gets you to six, will only keep you stuck.

My client Arianna came to me with just this issue. She had been CRUSHING IT for the past three years; a full and thriving practice of ideal clients. Consistent $200K and $250K years.

But Arianna was stuck.

Arianna knew she had something really special and she wanted to share her gift to far more people. She had tried working herself and her team to the bone. Hiring more staff. Hiring coaches and consultants. Doing programs that promised big results.

Yet she just couldn’t break that $250K mark. Her profits were being shoveled to affiliate partners. Her visibility was through the roof with premiere podcast interviews, yet they were returning unqualified leads and killing the ROI of her time investment.

She was in a business rut.

When Arianna and I started working together, we took a good hard look at her business and what had been keeping her in that rut in order to make some small shifts that catapulted Arianna from a steady $250K a year business (that most only dream of)
to an extraordinary business pulling in six-figure months that allowed her to influence and share her gift on a much greater level.

Here are 3 key things we did in Arianna’s business that you can implement in order to share your unique gift on a much larger scale:

Key #1:  Change your money story. Did you know that you are actually programmed to achieve a certain income level and that, no matter how hard you try, unless you change your money story you will be forever living the same income time and time again?

This is why most lottery winners eventually return to the same level of wealth they were at before winning the lottery and why self-made millionaires can go bankrupt then rise back to the top quickly and seemingly with ease.

Key #2:  Realize that 99% of things don’t matter. As entrepreneurs we are constantly being told what we HAVE to do in order to grow our business. But the reality is, what works for me will not work for you. What works for your millionaire friend won’t work for you either. In order to scale your business you need to discover the 2-3 things that undeniably WORK and let go of everything else.  

If you have measurable leads from Periscope, drop Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Facebook and other social media. On your social profiles state that your party is on Periscope”and post replays and links to drive all roads back to your main platform.  Don’t waste time spreading yourself thin!

To demonstrate this, let’s say you had a sales team. Your team consists of top performers, bottom performers, and those right in the middle who consistently hit target.

Everyone on your team has a $100,000 sales goal. Your bottom performer does $70,000. Your top performer does $150,000.

If you spend your time improving your bottom performer by 10%, your team will bring in an additional $7,000 in sales. On the flip side, if you spend your time improving your top performer by 10% instead, your team will bring in an additional $15,000. That’s more than double the growth with the exact same effort.

This principle applies to everything in your business -marketing, your team, your programs, your joint venture partners, everything. Spend your time with your top performers (even when those top performers arestrategies and tactics).

Key #3:  Measure EVERYTHING. Creative entrepreneurs have a particularly hard time with this, but until you stop measuring the success of something by the weight of your bank account and start applying strong Key Performance In Indicators to every process and system inside your business, you’re bound to give up on strategies before you hit gold.

Marketing strategies can often take upwards of 18 months before you really start to see a difference in your bottom line. Giving up before they pay off means flushing your profits down the drain

Here are some examples of Key Performance Indicators: Phone calls to sale conversion rate, social media engagement, social media fan base, ad reach to calls conversion, webinar live attendance drop-off rate, and average lifetime spend per customer.

Remember, you can’t grow what you can’t measure.

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