How to Reach the RIGHT People

Have you ever wondered how to reach the RIGHT people?

You know, the ones who understand the value of what you do and who can actually afford to pay for it?

I have spoken to many healers and coaches who have struggled with just that.

They spend so much time creating a powerful service that can make such a huge difference in people’s lives… only to launch and hear *crickets*

Then they hop from course to course, blog to blog, trying to figure out where these clients are hanging so that they can get themselves in front of them.

But end up treading water…

And thinking “Is it my offer?  Is it my market? Is it ME? Why don’t the right people SEE ME?!”

We’re often told that it’s not what you know…. It’s WHO you know.

But what I’ve found is that’s not quite right.

The truth is that your ideal clients are probably sitting right in front of you.  But they’re not paying attention because it’s not actually about who you know…

In this video I walk you through the REAL reason you can’t find where your people are hanging out — and how to fix it.

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