Some sales coaches will tell you that when people say “I can’t afford it” that they’re lying and you should “help them past their money blocks”.  Those coaches are dicks.

That said, you should have some filters built into your marketing to avoid getting on the phone with people who can’t afford your offer to begin with.

Though you may want to help all the people, that’s just not loving.  Because, let’s be honest, they’re going to think you’re the shit and want to work with you more.  Then they’re going to feel sad and maybe even a bit embarrassed that they can’t afford it.

Remember, marketing is about sorting… NOT selling.

Which means you should send those who can’t afford it to your free or inexpensive resources (which I just know you’ve made undeniably incredible)…

And you should only be getting on the phone with those who can afford you.

This alone will NOT stop you from getting the “I can’t afford it objection”.

But, it will allow us to sort through what’s really going on and move past the objection towards a decision.

Watch this video to find out:
1.  What are the 3 core roots of any objection
2.  How to use a technique called “looping” to handle the objection and reopen the selling discussion (without coming across as a skeevy douche).
3.  What to do if they throw a second objection at you.

Xo Heather

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