How to Avoid the Cycle of Reaction and Panic

Feel like you have a revenue ceiling in your business that you just can’t break? 😤

One month we’re rolling in it like Scrooge McDuck… the next the only thing we’re swimming is the job ads as we see the end of the month looming. 😖

It’s likely if you’re experiencing ups and downs in your income that you have a business cycle that looks something like this:

You market, sell, and hustle like crazy and get some clients… 😴

Then you’re SO busy fulfilling and working with those clients, or the algorithm changes and your funnels slow down…

And eventually the clients finish their work with you and, as you look at your cash flow you think “Oh crap! I need some more clients!” 🤬

So you react and go back to a crazy hustle of marketing. 🏃‍♂️

✅ In this video I talk about why this cycle happens and what you as a business owner can do about it (even if you don’t have a big marketing budget or sales force to help you out).

✅ By PRESSING PLAY, you’ll learn what Continuity is when it comes to your client creation systems…

✅ And if, after watching the video below, you want to learn more about how to implement some Continuity systems into your business, we have some free resources around that inside the files section of our group.

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