Guide to Creating Premium Packages

Step 1:  Brainstorm Package Components

Take 5 minutes to write down all of the different things that your premium package will offer.   Here are some ideas:

  • 1:1 calls
  • One day or 1/2 day intensives
  • Group training calls
  • Audio transcripts
  • eBooks, workbooks, or manuals
  • Training videos
  • Checklists
  • Products
  • Journals
  • Masterminds
  • Technologies or systems
  • Accountability partners
  • Tests (like DISC, Strengths Finder, or Kolbe Assessment)
  • Expert interviews
  • Tutorials
  • Practice recordings, guided meditations, warm-ups, etc.
  • Tool Kits
  • Transcripts
  • Private community or Facebook Group

Step 2:  Consider What Your Clients Want & Need

  1.  List 3 results that your client want as a result of this package.
  2. List 3 things your clients ask for most often.
  3. List the things that your clients don’t know they need, but you know they do.

Step 3:  Build Your Package Elements

  1. How much of your time will delivering this package consume?  Be realistic and round up if you’re unsure!
  2. What will be the duration of this package?  Ex:  3 months.
  3. Will you have any support for the client outside of delivery?  Ex:  a customer-only community.
  4. Will they pay up front, or will you make a payment plan available?  If there’s a payment plan, when are payments due and what happens if a payment is missed?
  5. What elements do you repeat with each client?  Can you automate this?  What resources would you need to automate?
  6. What tools will they get in this package?
  7. What will be your intake process for new clients to this program?

Step 4:  Create Your Premium Package

  1. List everything that you get in this package.
  2. What is the investment for this package?

Step 5:  Sell It!  Positioning Your Package

  1. The term of this package is ________.  Here’s why this is so great. . .
  2. The amount of my time clients get is ________.  Here’s why this is so great. . .
  3. Additional (recorded) trainings included in this package include: _______.  Here’s why this is to great. . .
  4. The tools that are included in this package are: _______.  Here’s why this is so great. . .
  5. They will also get the following group or community support:  _______.  Here’s why this is so great. . .

Step 6:  Brainstorm Possible Client Objections

  1. List 5 common objections that your client may have when you pitch them this package.
  2. List 10 reasons your product or service is so great for your clients and customers.
  3. For each objection, write down 2 ways that you can handle that particular objection.
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