Chasing Ambulances and Busted Furnaces

Ambulance chasers are kinda gross.

You know, the sleazy, pretentious opportunists that are only there when we’re desperate.

…But aren’t we behaving the very same way when we market?

We target our ads to the people who are ready to buy NOW… and if they don’t buy now, we throw our hands (and our ads) in the air like “this isn’t working!” and forget about them.

We do this, of course, because we fear marketing.  We don’t want to “lose” our money marketing to colder audiences.  We see marketing as a gamble, rather than as a capital investment into our business.

In essence, we play the short game.

Let’s say your furnace broke.  Furnaces cost a great deal, so it’s not a purchase you’d take lightly.

Would you buy from the person who just stuck an ad in front of you in that moment?

Maybe, if you were desperate enough… like we were when our furnace broke down a few winters ago (hello, blue fingers!)

But you’d probably rather buy from someone you know you can trust.

Someone who hasn’t just jumped in front of you like an ambulance chaser like “Hey! Your furnace broke… that sucks.. I can help you with that!“…

…but rather someone who has been like “Hey, I’ve been showing up and giving you valuable information on how to prolong the life of your furnace over the last few years.  That stinks that it’s done now, but let’s put in a new one and I’ll make sure you know how to keep this one running for a long, long time.  Cool?

Sure, marketing can be risky, but I’m here to tell you that it’s nearly always LESS risky if you’re playing the long game.

So then, how can you keep a potential client engaged and warm to you?

How can you stop chasing after the ones who are ready to buy now (the short game) and begin collecting the ones who may be ready to buy a few months from now (the long game)?

We personally like to do it via video and an engagement group.

Groups are great client incubators. We host a pretty amazing group called The High Ticket Selling Lab (<– click to join if you want to come hang).  We run video ads with no call to action except to join the group if they’d like.  Then we provide them with valuable content over and over and over again until they’re ready to buy.

Can people take that information and do it themselves?


Do they?

Not usually, no.

Instead, when they’re ready, they ask us how they can work with us.  We don’t have to “sell” them on anything or convince them we’re better than the next guy.  We simply serve and make offers, and when they’re ready to buy, they do!

So, I implore you to exercise patience, play the long game when marketing, and find a way to engage your “not nows” and “maybe laters”. They can end up being some of your best clients!

With love,

And whenever you’re ready, here are a few ways we can work together further…

Join our free group
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Watch one of our free trainings
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Join our Sales Appointment Mastery Program and become a Case Study
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