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Easy! 3 Steps to Grow Client Accounts

Looking to have your clients stay with you longer, or spend more money on your services? If yes, then today’s episode of the Agency Advantage Show is for you! I’ll be talking about strategies you can use to GROW your client accounts and boost your retention and...

In a Sales Slump? These 3 Tips Will Solve It!

The holidays have come and gone. Everyone’s busy in December with family and friends, and it’s typically a tough time to drum up business, especially for higher ticket services. Well, it’s January and the bills are due! So, on today’s episode of the Agency Advantage...

5 Essential Steps to Bring Your Sales Prep to the Next Level

Hey everyone! I’m SO excited to announce the launch of our NEW Agency Advantage Show! We’ve designed the show to focus on marketing, design and copywriting agencies who are looking to scale their businesses faster. On each show, we’ll start off bringing you quick...

3 Common Blunders Entrepreneurs Make When Building Their Team

  Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to start building your high performance dream team in your business! (If you haven’t yet, what are you waiting for 😉 Now what?While you’re well on your way to growing and scaling your business (high five!), inevitably...

The 5-Figure Mistake You MUST Avoid

  Story time! As a child, it’s one of the best parts of the day! However, when you’re a business owner with a team, story time can be both an incredibly frustrating and costly experience. Creating stories is one of the most common leadership mistakes that we see....

Are You Copping Out?

  I’ve talked a lot lately about why building a high performance dream team is so incredibly important for growing your business…But, maybe you’re still reluctant and don’t feel ready just yet. The vast majority of founders I encounter want to grow to seven...

How YOU Are Preventing Your Own Growth

  When you’re a one person operation, what gets kicked to the side when you’re busy?Certainly not client deliverables…Or scheduled appointments…Or the fire which just came through via email…What usually gets pushed to the “later list” is your biz development....

Free Training:
5 Steps to Closing the Sale on the First Call

Believe it or not, your job on a sales call is not to persuade someone to say yes.  It’s to lead them to a 100% yes or a 100% no decision.  Funnily enough most calls don’t end in a decision… they end in some form of maybe (or with an objection).  

In this free training I guide you through 5 steps you need to take in order to lead your clients to a yes or a no decision on the very first call. 

No more follow-up hell for you, my friend!

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We offer a limited number of free coaching sessions every single week for those who want to try out what it looks like to work together.  On the call we will get to understand what’s keeping you from reaching your sales goals, talk to you about your future vision for your company, and we will build out a roadmap to clarify your core offer and selling process.  

If at that time you’d like to hear more about what it looks like to work together further, we can chat about that.  If not, that’s totally okay too and the roadmap is yours to keep.

To book your call, click the button below then fill out the quick questionnaire to help us learn more about you and your business. This will help us make the most of our time together.  Once you’ve completed the questionnaire you’ll be directed to the booking page to book a call time that’s convenient for you.