Benefits of Coaching and Mentoring

I’ve got that UMPH behind me I didn’t really have before and now I kinda see the visual cues, and my triggers of things that would make be behave in a certain way. Now that I can really take a step back and see my behavior for what it is, and that’s been really helpful for me specifically.

I didn’t really have a clear direction and as far as where I wanted to go in life or what specific task I kinda needed to do. Not from a project standpoint, from work wise and things like that, but more from a personal and where I wanted to go and how I could get there. I was kinda aimlessly working at a job I didn’t really love, just to pay the bills, and I thought that was kinda the only way to live through as an adult. Then once I started seeing, through the coaching, my strengths, what I could actually bring to maybe doing something else in my life, it really put things in perspective for me.

Its different in the sense that I notice people saying things back to me that they never used to and that, “Oh Kyle, you never used to laugh as much,” or “Kyle you never use to interact as much,” or, “Oh, you didn’t drink as much today,” it’s because I didn’t need to, I’m enjoying myself sort of thing. Those are things you don’t really think about during the day, but when you take stock and actually think about it, it’s like, “That was progress, that’s measurable for me.” At the end of the day, when I go to bed, it’s like I’ve behaved differently, the way I’m acting is different. I’ve felt like I had purpose. There was someone that I knew that had my back and saw my potential and was able to really use that and give me a direction as far as where I wanted to go in life. Well it’s definitely motivating. You’ve got someone on your corner that no matter what is going to give you the words of inspiration you need to really work past your stuff and do what you need to do.

It’s also good having them there through your successes too, because sometimes you … Even though certain small things you do don’t seem like wins, they are, and there’s someone there to give you high five and that’s awesome. We gotta keep the momentum up. I know when I had a coach, when I was going through my weight loss journey, even though I had hit my original target, I still needed extra motivation and push to really get me to the next level. It’s like I hit one level and I need someone there to really see that, yeah I’ve hit my goal, but there’s been other things we can do to tweak you to make you better and get you to this point or the next point, or something you thought wasn’t attainable.

People would ask me, “Why are you still working with that person? You’ve done all you needed to do.” But really it’s like, “Have I? Have I reached my full potential?” Once you start seeing the wins, they build on themselves and you wanna just keep working with that person, keep the momentum up. Personally, some of the work I’ve done with my energy healers, my mentors, has helped me to get to essentially being a better version of me. Originally my goal was to deal with a lot of the past traumas I had, be a better person, interacting with friends, family. It definitely did help.

Probably a good example for me is just recently, I used to have some issues with anxiety and thing that came up a couple of years ago when our basement flooded, and I freaked out, I didn’t know what to do. Yet, to most people it’s a pretty manageable problem to deal with and fix, but for me I just shut down, I just started shaking, didn’t know what to do, panicked. Now, more recently we’ve had some issues come up with our house or whatever, and you know what, no big deal. I took my 10 seconds of really letting myself experience that pain or trauma or whatever, and I acknowledged it and I worked past it. I didn’t unduly burden the people around me with trying to fix a problem, and I actually stepped up and did it, and I felt great afterwards, because I wasn’t the guy that just sat around and didn’t do anything about it. Yeah, at the time I didn’t realize that was progress, but it was. I definitely feel better about myself for it. I saw the light in really seeing what my strengths were.

A lot of the stuff that I had been doing for years didn’t really seem like a superhuman strength to me, it was just second nature. But really, the stuff I was doing was really important and I can bring a lot of value to people. During the corporate sphere and you have a when there’s not a lot of rewards sometimes. Here it’s more of a personal reward, seeing clients do awesome things or being able to help person X, Y and Z with something and just being able to rely on yourself and being able to really solve those kinds of problems people, it’s been really motivating to me personally.

Really the coaching has helped with relationship to myself, first and foremost, because I’ve found the ability to love myself, really acknowledge myself on what I’m feeling and how I can use that on a day to day basis. From a relationship perspective I’m better able to connect with my emotions, I’m better able to communicate and really express what’s going on in here, because we have this internal script going on of how … Or a narrative of how we see things going, and being able to really quantify that and get it out has I think benefited our relationship. Even with my friends too.

The coaching has helped me be a better, more fun loving person and more accepting of everyone’s beliefs and opinions. It’s been nice not to wake up every day with a sense od dread of having to really show up and be somewhere I don’t wanna be. I wake up excited to start my day and do fun, creative things that are more in line with what it is I like to do, which has been great, and that’s … The motivation builds on itself too.

Through coaching I was able to workup the self confidence to leave my corporate job, something I have been talking about for, at least in my head, for a long time. I was able to actually replace my income as an entrepreneur pretty quickly once I was able to really hone in on the things I was good at an bring that into the entrepreneur world. The lack of stress, I’ve definitely noticed that, has gone away. I don’t get Sunday Scaries anymore, on Sunday nights I don’t start panicking that I have to go do something for a a whole week that I don’t wanna do. That’s been awesome.

I think another benefit has been clarity in direction. It’s like okay, fine, I made a decision to wanna change something or change my life entirely. Yeah, you can read a million articles online, but then, okay, it’s all words. When you actually have that one on interaction with people or a coach to tell you, “All right, I’m gonna be here with you every step of the way. These are the steps we’re gonna take. Here’s your plan, let’s do this together.”

That in itself is awesome, because even if you feel like you’re screwing up, someone’s there to help you out. If you’re implementing something and you feel like it’s maybe not the right thing, they’re there to walk you through it. Being able to have that one on one touch with some I think is really invaluable from a coaching sense and you’re gonna get a lot more progress working with someone, be held accountable by someone, a coach, as opposed to doing something on your own and really just being accountable to yourself. Because maybe it’s the accountability you need to work on, so that’s been huge for me too.

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