About Heather Prestanski

Authority on Client Creation — Sales & Marketing Specialist

when you stop trying to attract clients and begin creating them, opportunities become limitless…

What is Client Creation?

Simply put, it is the act of connecting with people through messaging, shifting their beliefs, and moving them to get out of their way and solve a problem.  It's the most loving way to achieve crazy high close rates and rake in business leads through the service of others.

I am an expert in Client Creation.  I help entrepreneurs move from cycles of feast or famine to creating elegant sales & marketing frameworks that generate consistent lead and client flow.

Client Creation means going from hustling your ass off generating less than $1,000 per month to, 12 months later, consistently creating $100,000 months.

It means achieving location freedom by moving your entire business online so that you can travel the world, working 30% fewer hours and bringing in $50,000 a year more than you ever had before.

Client Creation is about saving businesses that have been in consistent decline year-over-year so that you can continue doing what you love without depleting your entire retirement savings account.

These are real results from real clients.

Client Creation is about making a bigger impact and sharing your unique gift with the world.

It's also the single biggest challenge that entrepreneurs face.

what makes me an authority in client creation?

One word — experience.

Prior to leaving the corporate world I lead an award-winning team at Canada's largest digital marketing agency.  There, I was considered a training authority in the realm on social media marketing.  After moving on I became the Chief Marketing Officer for a multi-national clothing chain, built and sold my own digital marketing firm, and have helped dozens of entrepreneurs achieve success in creating clients.

I have worked with small, one-man operations and multiple Fortune 50 firms.

And the reason what I do works for everyone is because I don't sell strategy.

When I entered the world of online entrepreneurship I wasted tens of thousands on online courses that taught webinar strategies, funnel strategies, Facebook Ad strategies, copywriting strategies, you name it.

Out of the thousands of students in each of those courses, only a handful ever saw results.


Some would say because the others didn't do the work.  But that's not it.  I saw so many people in there working hard implementing each and every module of each and every course.

The reason no one was seeing results is because online courses and masterminds teach very specific strategies.

If a single strategy actually worked for everyone, we would all read Richard Branson's “How To Be a Billionnaire” and live out our lives on an island.

The truth is, there are foundational elements that hold true inside every successful client creation strategy.  But the strategy itself is nearly always different.

“You are now free to live your

life without limits”