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Are You In the Envision Or Explore Stage of Business?

Your business is still an idea or you are in the research & discovery phase.  You do not yet have paying clients and are looking for ideas to get the word out about your business.


You are in the process of building up your business and your base of customers.  Some months are good, others maybe not so great.  You are a tiny or solo team looking to perfect your messaging and bring in a more steady flow of customers.


You have a growing team and a full and thriving business.  You are looking for ideas on how to further scale your sales, marketing, and impact.

About Heather

Authority on high-ticket Client Creation

Heather Prestanski is founder of Homefront Marketing and a high-ticket sales expert. Before committing herself full-time to entrepreneurship, Heather worked as a CMO at a multi-national clothing brand and led the top sales team for Canada’s largest digital marketing agency (serving clients like Walmart Canada, 3M, and Allstate). After achieving the entrepreneurial dream of having Homefront bought out, Heather spends her time working solely one-on-one and in small groups with clients who want to find more high value prospects and close more sales.

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Consider the 7 Pillars the foundation that holds up your business.  If any one of these pillars are weak, your business will sag in the middle or lean to one side.  In order to scale your business and consistently create clients, it's critical that your foundation is strong.  Utilizing this framework will allow you to create highly effective sales & marketing strategies that fit your business personality.

The Client Hatching Formula™

High-ticket sales… simplified.

It's a fact:  Marketers and coaches with low skill levels need to convince people to buy their stuff.  They teach you to use fear, urgency, and persuasion to get people to open their wallets and buy.

But what if you could ditch the scuzzy marketing tactics, complicated funnels, and pressure-based sales routines
in favor of a loving formula that compels people to want to work with you?

The Client Hatching Formula™ helps coaches, consultants and agencies end their struggle with complicated acquisition and bring life to predictable high-ticket sales using a loving client creation process.

client creation articles

Are You Copping Out?

Are You Copping Out?

  I’ve talked a lot lately about why building a high performance dream team is so incredibly important for growing your business…But, maybe you’re still reluctant and don’t feel ready just yet. The vast majority of founders I encounter want to grow to seven figures...

How YOU Are Preventing Your Own Growth

How YOU Are Preventing Your Own Growth

  When you’re a one person operation, what gets kicked to the side when you’re busy?Certainly not client deliverables…Or scheduled appointments…Or the fire which just came through via email…What usually gets pushed to the “later list” is your biz development.  You...

Escaping Unicorns & Removing Risk in Your Business

Escaping Unicorns & Removing Risk in Your Business

  Let’s talk about Unicorns!No, I’m not talking about magical horses that can fly on rainbows. Don’t be silly! Unicorns are contractors who are experts in their field… the people you want on YOUR team, right?In this video I talk about a BIG mistake I see when it comes...

Common Outsourcing Mistakes That Could Cost You $10,000+

Common Outsourcing Mistakes That Could Cost You $10,000+

  The cost of hiring an employee can really burden a budding entrepreneur.You not only have the costs of vacation time, benefits, and payroll taxes…You also have the added cash flow pressure of adding a salary to your expense line each and every week!Outsourcing to...

Why You Need a High Performance Team (Even If You Don

Why You Need a High Performance Team (Even If You Don't Feel Ready)

  As I write this, I’m wrapped in a blanket burrito on the couch in our den.  We’ve just returned from Vegas and I’m a victim of illness which reminded me of a problem I know you would relate to as an entrepreneur.See, back in the day, being this sick would have meant...

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